Stalked and Terrorized by Psychopath

I am terrified. I can’t post or say anything in my defense because these gang stalking psychopaths are technologically savvy enough to breach my network security, infecting all my devices, including phones. And that’s only for starters. Just sending this anonymously is a risk.

I’ve been subjected to an effective smear campaign such that everybody, including my family and the police, writes me off as paranoid just for hinting at the troubles. (The narc/cluster Bs’ goal is my suicide or, second best, institutionalization.) The police keep getting it wrong; when I report as g to the victim of burglaries or assaults, I’ve ended up half the time with involuntary admissions to the mental ward. Meanwhile, the narcs/cluster Bs admit to me what they’re doing, but they use fake persona on social media and other ephemeral media. I can’t get proof collected before they burglarize my house and take the files.

I’ve was too kind, perhaps, when it first happened. I didn’t understand and a couple of them, who knew each other it turns out, developed intimate relationships with me. But, now, this war on me seems easy for them and a lifelong sentence for me. I’m alone now. Based on sequential betrayals by people later determined to be part of the scheme, I know I can’t trust anyone I meet not to have been placed as a set-up to harm me further. It’s bullying on steroids.

With all the stories and songs on the topic in popular media, you’d think bullying has become a pervasive activity. The compassionate people left in the world need to take notice and try to help one another. Victims don’t do much because any misstep can lead to terrible abuse or worse. We can’t protect ourselves except by being dutifully quiet. Others seem to believe first the lies of these predators. It is Hell and I’m in it while these tormentors seem to be enjoying a hunters’ paradise.

In the past, I wasn’t paranoid in the least. But it is getting harder not to be suspicious and avoidant. It is so bad, I sometimes wonder how many purported victims’ sites and even victims are imposters.

I ask myself, why would anybody bother to plot such awful things. I’ve decided the main answer is, “control.” There is this insatiable quest by the disordered for absolute and total control. They’ve told me as much through leaving reading materials because they get a kick out of me knowing about and even appreciating the extent they’ll go to satiate specific desires.

When did this become the play zone of the disordered, and how and when can we start effectively resisting? Everyone needs to start thinking along those lines or I fear for the whole lot of us who have ordinary, I think, compassion.

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