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One day I met a lady, a lovely lady, very charming, had three wonderful children. I soon learned this lady was in a destructive situation with the father of her youngest child. She told me all the gory details which I could relate to and believed she was in a situation with a sociopath.

I instantly offered my support because I believed I could help her get out of the situation and rid herself of her sons destructive father. I encouraged her to go to the police and fight for full custody of her son. She did both!

She got an injunction against him and took him to court and he lost his parental rights and in tern lost all access to his son. I ended up for the next 4 years being a father figure to her 3 children. She apparently was always at work or at business meetings.

I began to feel like a single father of 3 children when in reality I was just a friend of their mum. I picked them up from school, made their dinner, did their homework with them, got them tucked up in bed and then she would roll home. This was 5 days a week and then at weekend 2 of the children went to stay with their father and the 3rd came to stay at mine.

She very rarely saw her children and certainly never spent any quality time with them. This lady said she had her own business within social services, employed numerous people and was some property big wig, I had no reason to doubt her!

Super-psychopath-momAfter time the cracks started to appear, things didnt ring true and it became evident that she was lying to me. Basically she prayed on me when I was very vulnerable and undergoing therapy for post traumatic stress disorder after what I’d been through with my health in the hands of a sociopath. She manipulated me on a totally different level and she functioned very different to my ex partner. The last straw was when I got a phone call off a man she claimed not to be sleeping with but was, he asked me if I was well.

Obviously I questioned why would he be interested in my health. He said my so called friend had told him that I was dying from cancer and had used that to manipulate £5000 out of him. She said she wanted to make the time I had left the best time of my life.

I wasnt surprised to hear this because it became evident to me on other occassions that she lied about her own health and others many times to me before. She even told her own elderly parents that she had cancer. There was a point in my so called friendship with her when I told her about my health and she then went on to say she also had HIV, I never believed her!

I wanted to walk away about 2 years ago but felt responsible for the children, however her 2 daughters have now left home and gone to live with their father because of her lies and destructive behaviour, and fortunately for her son shes now manipulated a very kind lady in to living with her so i know for now the child still there with her will be ok.

My only concern is that she’s lied in a family court and lost an innocent man his parental rights and a wonderful little boy his father.

I feel guilty because I supported her in this because I too believed her lies. I feel its only right to expose her to the court, but dont want to make myself vulnerable. For once in my life I had to put myself first. I just hope she doesnt cause me any trouble now I’ve walked away and cut all ties.

Would really appreciate peoples thoughts.

This story was submitted by a psychopath victim. – Admin

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  1. I am so sad just thinking of how these 3 children were unloved by their mother. I have been victimized by a Sociopath I was married to for longer than I care to admit. The greatest thing to come out of these relationships, though traumatic for the victims, is at least we learned and can more easily spot the next one who comes along. Another thought is where the 3 children were concerned, they were able to enjoy a good father role model in you. Their evil mom was away from home most of the time with another hapless victim, but that was a good thing, it probably was divine intervention and a real protection from their mom and from any further damage from her. What a mess but what a good man you are for being who you were to those children who had no one. God bless you!

  2. Don’t blame yourself! If there is anything you should have learned from this is how manipulative self serving and convincing a psychopath can be. My ex is a psychopath – we’ve been divorced over 10 years and my new husband and I are convinced he won’t stop the harassment until I’m dead and bankrupted. He has lied in front of lawyers, mediators, and even to family and children services. Sometimes I still fall for his lies. I wouldn’t have him in my life at all but we have two children. Unfortunately he uses and manipulates them and has for over ten years – but they can’t see it, even when he has been caught by them in lies. My son has left me to live with him and won’t return calls or texts to him. He didn’t even come over for Mother’s Day. I am heartbroken because I haven’t ever done anything but what was in their best interests and now they both hate me because he has told them lies about me – for example, that I had an affair when in fact it was him. I’m tired of trying to counteract his lies to my kids and don’t know what to do.

    1. I thought I was the only person out there suffering at the hands of my very own adult children. It is the worst ever emotional pain anyone can experience. It took me 15 years to finally figure everything out. My grandbabies are kept from me, these people end up turning their children against those who love them and are good to them. In my experience, no one out there can help you because CPS don’t care about grandparents, you cannot find a good psychologist anywhere to talk to, healthcare do not seem to care, and in the end you are left completely alone to try and salvage what psychiatric damage these people with no conscience do to you. You end up loosing all trust in humanity almost. I am starting my life from scratch at 59 years old. I only have my faith in God and my two little dogs and 1 cat who bring me some comfort and one brother. I am glad I found this site. Please stay strong. God Bless You.

      1. I am 78 years old I’m going through what you have in the past with two of my daughters. Out of the blue when I was diagnosed with cancer in March of this year they became very hostile to me. The one daughter is Krully critical of me. The other one has used the silent you have any advice?

  3. hi, my sons mother is a liar & she lied in court, & though her criminal record is like a book they believed her vague accusations. In reverse when I had custody there was police documented evidence of her mistreatment of our son. The local courts did zero.
    Don’t feel bad a liar lied, it’s what they do, what’s bad & it’s not your fault, is how biased the entire court system is. They routinely treat men as second class citizens & if a woman makes false accusations & it comes to light the courts don’t do a thing. But all a woman has to do is say she feels threatened, no incident or time need be claimed & that’s it the witch hunt for the bad man is on!

    1. The court systems are set up to tear apart the family unit. The traditionally thinking spouse with real feelings will be ruled against ever time! You are looked upon as a slave because you literally are. You will never win in the courts! They are set up under British law. The attorneys, all of them are subjects of the crown of England. Do not step across the “bar” in the courtroom! You will literally be on foreign land. The United States is a corporation. Research. Change your status to American citizen a natural man or woman. Check out online The Natural Man to get started! Good thoughts your way! Spread your new knowledge, you are awaking up!

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