I am Married to a Psychopath

I am not what you would call a survivor yet… my husband blindsided me, making me believe that he was Mr. Nice Guy and that we were soulmates.

I was so stupid to ignore all of the warning signs and am so angry at myself. Him, I don’t feel sorry for at all and look at him with disgust and disdain. He knows his tricks don’t wash with me anymore, so he hides from me in our rec-room, staring at the tv set every chance he gets.

He is a porn addict and masturbates everyday…prefers girls between 16-20 years old. I seem to disgust him sexually. He always seemed to have someone on the side, now that I look back.

Now things are coming out of the woodwork…nylons (not mine) underwear, tops, in the wash..which he suddenly decided to do on his own. Texts from women that he claimed he did not know

He has not been intimate with me in 8 years…blaming me of course..I never said no..he did! He was always too tired…

Things began to escalate pretty quickly as he was arrested for domestic abuse with a no contact order.

He controls every aspect of my life and especially the finances… so I got the Crown Attorney to drop the charges after 5 months…BIG MISTAKE!!! He was injured by my audacity to call the police and has punished me every day because of this.

He has shut off my landline phone for a day, the tv, smashed my laptop, thrown full beer cans and 10 lb. weights at me, bully’s me, threatens me and uses the silent treatment to abuse me further. He has isolated me…on and on.

Most recently he looked at me and said: “you are going to die soon!”

The last time the police were called they told me that unless I contributed financially to the bills/rent that he had every right to do as he pleased. I showed them my bruises, they told me that they looked old? Even with blood trickling down my arm?

I will NEVER call the police for help again! I am at a loss now…

I stay barricaded in my bedroom..avoid him… and don’t speak! I have nowhere to go as he has smeared my good name to family and friends.

I have no money, as he controls every cent.

Even so, he is NOT worth taking my own life for… I am here for the duration and hold my head up and try to stay strong with God’s help.

I do wish that Karma will come to him soon because I was a naïve, loyal wife who did everything in her power to make him happy. I don’t have any regrets this way…only the regret of ever caring for this sick psychopath!


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5 thoughts on “I am Married to a Psychopath”

    1. In case anyone reads old posts I agree with the do not call the police to help you will then be labeled after they barely listen or maybe they are friends with your psychopath and now your going to doubt what you feel because police are hero’s they are trained in this stuff right? Bullshit never go to police for help unless it’s something simple that is black and white and explain it quickly because they got you all figured out in their big stupid cop head. Cops are useless in your case

  1. I am in an almost exact situation…going on 17 years, but I have my own house and my own bank account, etc….i was a professional teacher, but after two principals saying to me I can’t teach with this man always bruising me, making me late by flattening tires and breaking windows, etc…i decided to stop torturing my students with a sad example of a teacher ..i am so good at teaching. …it sucks. I have been isolated and have no friends, where I once had thousands. I cannot even message anyone without getting the third degree. I know he breaks into my emails, online selling accounts , etc…but he never admits it. He has me followed, he sets up cameras in my house, he puts bugs on me or in my purse. He quotes my conversations with even shop cashiers. Then accuses me of being a whore. He recently said, ” I allow you to exist.” This scared the he’ll out of me, as I stood withloose teeth and a broken hand from 2 different attacks. Last night he sat up out of a so-called sleep and knocked the crap out of my head. Claiming he was asleep. I gave the police my story several times, only to be convinced with violence, death once, brought me back after choking me to death, not to go to court. He convinces me on occasion that He actually loves me…but then I see why he says it…he doesn’t match his words with actions, he is constantly plotting . . and announces he is not. I hate that I love him. I fear for my life and I know he is trying to off me , but first take everything away from me I ever had…..God help me.

  2. I’m divorcing a psychopath after 10 years of marriage. You guys are telling my story, plus my husband keeps threatening to kill my kids too. They’re my grown kids and have never been unkind to him. I recently found out he’s gay. He needed a wife to provide cover so he could live his other life without thought or concern for the damage it would do to his family when we found out. The double-life was the last straw. He begged me to stay 10 years “until he dies”. No thank you. I already did 10. After I left, he told me I would be monitored and he would destroy me financially. He is keeping his word on both so far. Despite all that, I’m free. I don’t wake up next to a monster everyday anymore.

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