Parental Poisoning Psychopath

It is august of 2020. I was reading online and realized wow this is my story. Tons of survivors talk to me about how they survived a parent trying to end their life, with making it look like an accident or leaving them abandoned in places where they could be kidnapped, and others by poisoning.

This forum is mostly people dealing with more spousal psychopaths and not had the lifelong obsessions of the parent to target them for life. I was happy to see that this page though its home and is very direct of the plans the smear campign is.

The reason the smear campaign takes place is that it is so effective and the video that I just watched about it is amazing it is spot on.

Over the last few months, I realized that of course, not the whole police force is psychopaths I did not want the comment. I left to make it look like that and I hope it does not appear that way.

There is an article or two or one hundred that shows that the top ten jobs for psychopaths and also law enforcement is contained with psychopathic and narcissistic traits. It is well documented. It is not just my opinion, and if you have a psychopathic obsessed parent that wants you destroyed and falsely arrested and whatnot, then you pair that up with any other psychopath, especially that person with the abusive talents of using that pen to distort reality for the victim.

You could be the victim. This is an attempt on your life and here you are dealing with the one person that is supposed to be investigating and now he goes along with the false narrative.

I also realize that she found one person that was so afraid of her targeting him that in the hospital instead of reporting the poisoning he aided her by calling the police and telling them not to come and investigate that. In fact, he told them what pat wanted them to think.

So you have the officers that want to investigate and do the right thing and what she found in the hospital was someone so afraid of her admitting the poisoning that he did whatever she said for him to do.

You also mention that in your video too. I could tell how he ran out of the room and she went running behind him after confessing – no bragging – over and over how she did it,

I swore to myself him being a mandated reporter that he had to by law or ethics report that, and of course, don’t ever underestimate the fear that some men have of psychopathic females. He was older than her and frail and maybe she reminded him of a psychopathic female he had inside his own family but he did her bidding he was her puppet.

The sad thing for me and my child is that the intervention, the breaking of the decades of abuse by the psychopath would have ended that day.

There is no way, if this doctor admitted that she confessed to poisoning even if she tried spinning it to make herself out to be some kind of hero, it’s still a crime to poison someone so they end up in the hospital.

First, she tried saying it was suicide and when she was caught in so many lies she flipped it quickly like a good psychopath into well I drugged her but I did it on purpose to force her into the hospital so she can be committed. They won’t deny they did this or said this but they spin it to be the hero in the story.

You have my mother down pat, to a tee. Yes, and her name is pat. I call her Psycho-Pat. She is dangerous to me and anyone she makes her target. Her favorite targets are the females in the family including her own mother and myself and my daughter. She likes it, if she can separate us by using sick false narratives and lies, she can be killing two birds with one stone.

The sick thing is that she would have most likely ended my child’s life by now had she gotten her way with me. She has a taste for killing over how she used to kill my pets. She graduated to people.

She tried to kill me, and had she won and got away with it, she would have had more of a taste and would have gone after my child. Only after she was done destroying her heart and mind and ripping her soul apart by getting rid of me.

The attitude she portrays about me as is that I am not good to my child. When in fact the one that is the abuser is her. She projects her garbage onto me. Literally, she can bring up memories of things she did to me as a child at the same age and project that memory onto me, then says I did those things.

I have not ever even raised my voice to my child. I see no reason needed to ever hit a child. Yet pat did that to me regularly. She showed her hatred of females with her fists every day. Imagine having that scumbag trying to project her grotesque spirit and soul onto someone that is the exact opposite and people are believing her lies.

They are viewing her as the opposite of what she is, and they are viewing me as the opposite of what I really am. The punishment and hatred that she gets others to feel about me when she tells her stories of the abuse she did to me as a child. The hatred they wish I would be dead and not care who kills me. All these things really should be turned around onto her. That hate should be put back onto her. Since she is talking about her own memories of her being an abuser.

Those stories have nothing to do with my child those are memories that she is reliving from decades ago before my child was born before I could even have children. As a virgin child, she is making up these things as If I did them to my child and it’s her own memories she is discussing of herself.

One time, she tried getting my husband to have people deny me being allowed to speak to her, and she gave him a story to write down. I read this and said, “she did this to me I remember when she did this to me!” So, she is reliving a part of her life that she is remembering in vivid detail.

You can see how she loves thinking about those days. She lives for abusing children. She is after my little girl. She wanted me out of the way so she would be allowed to torment and abuse my own child.

She is dangerous and should be locked up for the rest of her life.

If they can get decades for poisoning attempted murder, I want her to go away for the maximum sentence, and I want more than ever to get a prosecutor or a detective that is so sick of the person that she is and how she manipulated and lied to police to do her bidding and do her dirty work.

I want people to hate her so much for how she ruined the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.

The police have her hook line and sinker.

I got her to confess in ten minutes. Why would a seasoned detective have a hard time getting her to confess to this crime? She was bragging.

This doctor I know says that there are some police officers who most likely became afraid of her. If they are not some of the abusers that end up getting hired and know you are the victim and want to keep you in the victim status. I think the rest of them don’t want to become the target of the psychopath either.

It is a life long obsession for my mother to end my life since I was her victim and I know the worst of her. I know the true her. Also, my brother does, and he would be an excellent witness in court to how crazy she is, but he was taught to be her fists as I grew older, and I could speak the hitting had to be transferred from her to someone else.

Anytime no one is abusive to me or my life is soaring and becoming better and better is when I get targeted by her the worse. The more support and the more help I seem to be getting the more outrageous and extreme the lying and abuse get.

The more insane the stories become and the more people she needs to gather to her side against me.

The downfall I feel that made the most abusive time in my life even compared to my childhood I have experienced more abuse from her living five states away since she has been directing my husband in what to do, what to say, how to poison me, when to poison me, what lies to tell the police, etc.

I have reports where the officer said the husband was on the phone with the mother in law, so I spoke to her and she said about the daughter “she’s mentally ill and we should commit her.”

Had I been told this the day she said this, I could have gotten proof from a psychiatrist that I have nothing wrong along those lines and the proof could have allowed me to press charges of slander and also get a protective order so she has to have no contact with me or anyone in my life or contact with any law enforcement.

She is not involved in my life for a reason. This also is very true what you said in the video and the page you wrote where they push who they are and project who they are onto the victim.

Since she is the one that needs to be locked up and committed they push that onto the victim.

The reality of life is, I am the calmest, level-headed, intelligent, caring, always contributing to society, helping others, and faithful to my church. I also used to help autistic kids, and I was a mental health case manager. I went to college when I had no contact with them for decades.

They came back into my life, not through me but through my husband, so they both were working alongside each other with her teaching him all her tricks on how to be the best psychopath that he could be.

They never would have wanted to see me destroyed or homeless before he met her. He would not have wanted to destroy his own life, his own credit, his own child, his own job, or his own home had he not been associated with her. He followed her lead, hook line and sinker, because like the devil she promised him great power and to be the “winner” and to completely dominate me.

That is what he wanted, total domination and destruction, and she gave him a new way to live. He loved learning how to destroy the mother of his child.

I was struggling, watching my husband become someone I did not know. I felt him hurting my child to get to me was the last straw, and I asked him to move out. I got a protective order and that is when the murder attempt happened. He was out of the house.

I had no idea they had been on the phone planning things together for years. I had no idea parents were even a threat to me. I had not been warned by the police of all the insane smearing and lies of my character was going on behind my back or I could have gotten a protective order once I proved she is calling them up or telling the police pure unadulterated lies about me.

The fact I was in the dark kept them in more power and the fact that the Fairfax police unfortunately only solve less than three percent of violent crimes committed where the rate of the country is about 21 percent. So compared to the rest of the country (this is from a book on Fairfax county police that I purchased on amazon that has all sorts of statistics). This county has the worst solving of violent crimes around. I am sure that almost all of the murders that are said to be suicides are going passed off as suicides since there are never any investigating.

In my case alone, I have had multiple times that the police could have found out they were being taken down a line of being hooked into following the lead of the psychopath.

When I got this protective order on my husband, this is the time you will most likely be killed or seriously harmed. In my case, I have so many motives for murdering me, yet nothing would have been investigated. I know that my case would not have been looked into and it was already written up as a suicide attempt, but they are adding in that I admitted it, It is so ridiculous since the entire hospital has me down as being unable to speak for literally days.

I was inside the hospital for longer than a week. This shows that this was not, as they were saying, I was sitting up, talking, I was fine, which is how they made it seem.

I could not make a sentence and I was attacked in the back of the ambulance, beaten up by the ambulance man over the 13 different lies she told about me.

Last year, I had not seen the report the ambulance guy wrote down. He wrote down four extra stories she gave to him, all of which could have been questioned and shown as pure lies by pat. They were writing down lies they more than likely knew were lies, and still he attacked me while I was crying. I was crying since I realized; my gosh my own mother tried killing me and here I am I did not die. But I could not speak my mind. I could not talk and no one would hand me a pencil or pen to try to write something for them. No one would help me tell them what I was trying to say.

The entire smearing of your character has such a profound effect on how others view you. Not one single person said she is trying to tell us something, let’s hand her a pen. I also was in and out of passing out until once I was at the hospital and felt safe and realized no one is going to care.

I let myself fall back out into the darkness. I was not asleep. I could not walk, talk, or do anything but try to heal from the attempt on my life. It literally took me days to get back to walking again. The entire time in the hospital she demanded that I be committed long term to a mental hospital. This is a control issue following if she could not kill me she wanted to maintain control over my life. Also, she wanted me to be separated from my child to ruin my heart and soul. She wanted to break me down and hurt me badly she wanted nothing but to ruin my life. and she got help.

They still have not arrested her and her crimes have continued on and on. I am writing over this and how things went down will be more in detail.

I have taken the steps to gather the reports and the lies, the twisted manipulations that both pat and her lackeys conjured up. And I am going forth to law enforcement, to bring it forward to them.

Am I afraid and concerned I will be shunned out of the place?

Absolutely. That is why I have gathered so much evidence and proof. I also have done some research and I realized only half of the police force are the 40-50 percent of domestic violence abusers (all Cluster B disordered are abusive to victims) so we have a 50 -50 chance if we call for help that

1. if we get one of the 50 percenters, we can be targets and be lied about more for the psychopath

2. the psychopath will just con and lie and control the minds of the police to take up their side

Naturally, they have dozens of false reports that the psychopath knows she gave over the phone repeatedly over the years as (false) proof of the victims “badness.”

3. the officer is uninformed and uneducated and or lazy and just wants to “fit in” and go “along with the crowd” and “not rock the boat” by doing some real investigating, or

4. you get an excellent officer, those 20 percenters that hate being lied to. They hate criminals. They hate others that try to destroy innocent lives and they want the truth to be told and arrest the hell out of that psychopath.

I realized after reading this that, yes, there are so many variables on why they would help lie on the report. I used to think they knew they were writing down lies about myself for years but now that I look, they are told just to document.

A book on amazon about this particular police force, and most in this area, they document and investigate nothing.

100 percent of the character assassinating comments by psychopathic pat could have been investigated and she should have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of the lying to police, whatever charge that is.

Two times she said that I had been arrested on such and such a week or some time ago, and they didn’t even look up their own records to see that the arrest was not even real. She made it up out of thin air to transmit hatred, distrust, and fake proof of my badness, and the reason that she should be believed and helped, and I should be lied about.

There is not one single doubt the report of the attempt on my life is a total lie since the hospital records discount the report in full. But I also am aware now, the doctor she had helping her lied for her to the police officer on the phone. When they called up to see if they needed to investigate this man, the doctor said to them, no don’t worry she sat up talking she was fine. And this man also had heard her confess over and over in the hospital 20 times and ran out of the room afraid of her. I think he did not want to become a target of her wrath and was afraid of her and did anything she said out of fear.

He even took an arrest that never happened and expounded on that arrest to perpetuate the hatred towards me so that anyone I told in the hospital that she admitted to the poisoning would care less.

That is what happens; they smear your character so badly that even if someone believed that they tried ending your life you would be viewed as being unworthy of being helped. Its a two-edged sword.

I hope to come back and give a report that she was arrested and jailed and that there were decent detectives and prosecutors that wanted to help and things went well for me. That is what I am praying and hoping for.

Please send good vibes my way that things will turn out legally, keeping her away from my life, and only arresting her is the only thing that will stop her