Psychopaths Using the Internet to Attack Victims

Unfortunately, there are many options available to the psychopath who is focused on the assassination of your character via the Internet. This is commonly referred to as cyberbullying (or a variety of other cyber-related criminal activity), internet fraud, social media harassment, online exploitation or toxic computer stalking by these electronic predators.

New-e-tools-for-predators-psychopaths-and-pedaphiles-Cybercrime-excellerates-exponentiallyBefore the creation of the World Wide Web, it was much more of a challenge to produce propaganda against innocent victims, now it is as easy as filling out a form online, and pressing a submit button… and the results can be devastating to their victims.

Certainly, most people view information on the Internet with a cautious sense of curiosity. As we all know, you can’t believe everything you find in Google. Right? But, the psychopath armed with the intent to do irreparable damage to your reputation can cause so much of a clatter amongst the Internet-savvy to effectively trash you, or even rally an online mob against you.

We’ve seen it all, everything from posting a bunch of lies, half-truths, libel and slanderous reports in a way to make it look, “official,” via personal web sites, blogs, comment postings, and third-party web sites that may appear to be credible, to fraudulently impersonating victims on social media sites, like facebook and twitter and accosting your social media contacts with slanderous reports and/or threats.

Let’s face it, you can create anything you want on the Internet. It is an incredible resource when this power is used for good, but massively more powerful when used as a weapon against an individual; mostly due to the fact that the average web-surfing American loves drama. If they think they can use Google to uncover hidden dirty laundry on you, they will have feel like they’ve hit the mother-lode. And that – no matter how you try to defend yourself – can tarnish your image or reputation forever, because there will always be that seed of doubt amongst the conspiracy theorists.

For instance, let’s simulate a psychopath’s attack on you. In this scenario, let’s say that you maybe testified for the State against a psychopath and that your testimony led to his conviction and imprisonment. This causes the psychopath to focus all his energies on you as the reason that he is now behind bars – not that he committed crimes that landed him there – but you become his fixated target.

He (or she) is hell-bent to take you down, once and for all. You will pay the price for his/her transgressions.

In an attempt to destroy your credibility a psychopath may project his (or her) character attributes onto you in an effort to make him/her out to be the real victim, and possibly that the offender was framed by you, who exchanged your testimony for favors from the Court (or some other conspiracy).

The psychopath will take any known facts about you and turn them into wild stories that would excited the senses of any conspiracy theorist. For example,

 Fact  Psychopath   Spin
 You graduated from   Harvard  you never attended and   your credentials are fake
 You married at an   early age  unwed pregnancy and   illicit drug use forced you to marry
 You bought a new car  because the old car   had DNA evidence of your murder victim
 You own your home  you swindled some   retiree out of their home
 You vacationed in   Vegas  you were laundering   money for the mob
 You were divorced  your spouse left you   for infidelity
 Your children are   adults  they are finally free   from your (possibly sexual) abuse
 Your dog died  you killed your dog   only after torturing it
 Your friends love you  only because they   don’t’ know the truth about you


And so it goes, ad infinitum… Psychopaths are supremely gifted in spinning fantastic stories about their victims in an effort to destroy any sense of credibility that they may have.

Imagine applying for a job, and potential employers find these libelous reports on the Internet. What about getting phone calls from your friends, who tell you that they have received facebook messages, or even phone calls, from (supposed) public agencies investigating you for illicit or illegal activities?

Using the old-fashioned phone – or more correctly the evolutionary cell phone – is still a primary tool for the obsessive psychopath, especially due to new technologies including (but not limited to) “spoofing” caller ID information, so that caller ID enabled phones will see the phone number of the local police department, or FBI office on their call display; this is only one of the many new technological advancements that find themselves in the psychopath’s tool belt.

Who wins?

What can you do?

Avoid any contact with any potential psychopath via early detection. If it’s too late for that, stop any contact with your psychopath immediately and permanently. If you’ve already been targeted by a psychopath, ignore them as much as you can, as any response from you – in your defense or not – will chalk up a perceived “point” for the psycho. This will continue to fuel the fire.

Sometimes, if you are really good at ignoring the psychopath, they take it to the next level by attacking you through your friends, their friends, your associates and/or the media.

Hopefully, you can encourage them to document everything and not to fuel the fire by responding to the psychopath’s assaults in any way, but if they do, it will encourage the psychopath to push that target market even harder.

If you think that prosecution and imprisonment of a psychopath for committing cybercrimes will protect you; think again. We’ve seen these same crimes continue after the offender has been incarcerated via evil minions orchestrated and directed by the offender from behind bars.


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9 thoughts on “Psychopaths Using the Internet to Attack Victims”

  1. Thank you for this site. I have learned to understand so much of what has been happening to me since I left my ex- boyfriend. He threatened to ruin my life if I ever left him (never mind the fact that he is married). Since leaving him he has put me on several different escort sites, facebook, google etc… with a google map for directions attached to my address and my elderly mothers number as a contact claiming I “do it all” and people can show up 24/7 no appointments needed. I live with my mother now. My mother receives the most despicable messages and sex offenders show up at the property refusing to leave unless they get “action”. A 74 year old lady’s life has now also been endangered. Legally we cannot prove that it was him that put me on the internet so police have said I cannot open a case against him. This is just the tip of the iceberg… He has opened false cases of fraud and theft and intimidation and conspiracy to murder and attempted murder against me. He has had me falsely arrested. He even staged his own shooting to make it all look real. I was lucky enough that one person came forward to tell me the truth. Nobody wants to believe such an unbelievable story. He has incriminated my friends family and their children all because they stood by me. Only my loved ones see what is happening because they are in the middle of it. All I want is to be left alone and live a normal life. I have made no contact and I have stayed away since I left him but all of this is happening to me. He has a vast amount of recourses from friends in the “underworld” to friends in high influential places where he is happy to pay any sum of money to get his own way. He dictates and manipulates those around him to do all of his dirty work. I know because I was one of them. With all this happening, I have not been able to get work and have had to be sequestrated. I hear through acquaintances that he will never stop. The only reason I realized this is the work of a psychopath is because I had to go to therapy thinking there was something wrong with me and the psychiatrist asked me if I knew what a psychopath was and perhaps I was dealing with one. I had no idea what was happening to me. Reading the material provided on your site makes me realize that this is indeed what I am dealing with. Do you think this crazy person will ever stop? I need all the intellectual help possible to deal with this scary situation.

  2. If anybody uses those awful lines on the spin column of your chart, they are not a psychopath. Psychopaths use lies that are believable and therefore require little proof.

    Instead of saying that your Harvard credentials are fake, it would be more believable to say that you only got into Harvard because you were a legacy.

    Instead of saying that your car had to be replaced because of DNA evidence of a murder, it’s much more believable to say that you replaced your car because money is of little importance to you and you can spend it on whatever, whenever.

    Instead of laundering money for the mob on your vacation in Vegas, you are a compulsive gambler and therefore can’t be trusted with financial obligations.

    See, psychopaths don’t say the utterly unbelievable bullshit you think they do. They make more realistic connections that prove themselves. Going to Vegas means you gamble, therefore, it’s not a stretch to assume that you gamble frequently.

  3. I have had the same experience I am so blessed to be alive right now. My own family didn’t believe me; they believed his lies just like I did. I know my husband tried to make me look crazy and go crazy. I have a daughter with him and I don’t know how to keep him away from her. Right now he is currently working on his next victim. I feel sorry for her. I need to get tested again for HIV and Hepititis because I know he has both though he will never tell the truth and I believe his HIV went undetected. Theres just too much to even write after 11 years of dealing with him, he is truly evil,con artist.

    1. Big hugs to you to begin with. Be strong and stay strong sweetie. Sadly when you have a child the psychopath will use them to get to you. Make sure you have a good support team so you can lean on them xx

  4. I haven’t given you my real name as I’m protecting myself but you need to know how bad it can get. My ex husband has showed signs of being a psychopath since a child. I found out when he was a child he fed live chicks to his cat and enjoyed it. When I was with him he decided to do the following to me:
    1. He never showed emotion apart from anger and hate.
    2. He said he liked to see me cry.
    3. He wouldn’t allow me to sleep for days on end.
    4. He took out all the light bulbs in our house as he didn’t want me to have normal lights on in the house. I was allowed candles thou.
    5. He nailed all the curtains shut closed.
    6. He loved being the winner in everything.
    7. He was good at acting but after a while the act dropped as he couldn’t keep up with emotion or being nice.
    8. He would time me if I went to the shops. If I was late he would question me for weeks or months on end.
    9. I wasn’t allowed to talk to strangers.
    10. He liked drugging my cats for fun.
    11. When one of my kittens broke its back from jumping he wanted to break my kittens neck. I was so shocked when he told me.
    12. He hated being around anyone that was emotional and had to leave the room or house.
    13. He never said sorry.
    14. He was very two faced even with his family.
    15. When I asked him why he did these things to me, he called me mad. Yet his psychologists have sectioned him several times.

    When I left him he blackmailed me in the courts as he wanted to win and didn’t care about my feelings. His psychologist was on my side yet the courts said different as he twisted everything I had said.

    If your with a psychopath please I beg you, be very careful. My ex husband wanted to remove my eyes via a screw driver. When I left him.

  5. My ex was starling from my wallet, misusing my ATM card (I gave him my PIN), gas lighting me and feeding me lies about his family and friends. I was oblivious to most of this while it was happening. Until he left me three weeks before the wedding. I had to declare him a missing person, and he gave $150K away in a romance scam, I am scared of him and his minions. He set the police on me once for stalking when I thought his life might be in danger and called an ambulance.

  6. I plan on calling out my psychopath with a GIANT tarp Listing the 30 years of
    things she did to our family. EVERYONE will know the truth then and I DOCUMENTED it for proof.

  7. M1ne Is Named: Producer L1ndsay Show……….For The LAST FOUR Or MORE Years NOW. (how very SAD For L1ndsay) (But I DON’T CARE) (And NEVER Really D1d)

  8. Hi,

    Anyway I can know who this person is? I am living in Melbourne and I have similar experiences. I suspect he might be the same person. I am trying to get rid of him and live a normal life but his tactics have caused me to lose my job and now even the neighbours think I am a crazy sex worker. This are very bad.

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