Psychopathic Smear Campaigns

One of the dead giveaways of psychopathic behavior is that of the vicious, psychotic character assassination campaigns that are wielded against anyone who stand in their way or might pose a threat to their agenda(s).

Please keep in mind that if you have become the targeted victim of a psychopath’s smear campaign, that it is nothing personal. In fact, nothing can ever be seen as “personal” to a predatory psychopath as they are devoid of any feelings (like a normal person might have); no love, no hate, no empathy, no remorse. They only see other people as tools or possessions and may even use phrases, like:

  • psychopath-smear-campaigns-dont-respond-defend-react-negotiate-contact-use-social-mediaYou’re mine
  • I own you

And when they are done with you, they have so little regard for you that they might say:

  • I will end you
  • You will be nothing when I’m done with you

People will no longer believe you

This campaign focused on your destruction need not have any basis in actual fact, as the psychopath will create an alternative universe using a method that transfers the attributes of the psychopath in an effort to discredit the victim so much that anything they might say would not be considered as a factual representation of the truth.

The battleground may include close personal relationships, workplaces and/or media (recently there has been a great deal of growth in social media arenas).

Psychopathy is no respecter of gender. A psychopathic woman conducting a smear campaign might claim that a person perceived as a threat is abusive, twisted, perverted or on the brink of insanity.

Thinking about defending yourself?

If the victim(s) exerts the effort to spend a great deal of effort in defense of their character (i.e., testimony, closed circuit proof, eyewitness accounts, and other relative data), the psychopath will never recount their initial claim. Instead, they will put on additional pressure to even claim that he/she is in fear for his/her life and that the victim is a threat to other men, women and/children or even the future of mankind.

“Don’t even think about daring to mess with me.”

While destroying the life of the victim of such a psychopathic smear campaign, it sends a strong message to witnesses of the event, in effect warning them that they dare not find themselves on the wrong side of such a formidable foe.

Anyone could say things they don’t mean in the heat of the moment.

It is quite ordinary for a normal person to spout ill reports about someone whom they feel has wronged them while in the throes of emotional trauma.

Normal people heal and develop greater understanding from the experience.

In healthy individuals, as time passes and emotional healing takes place, they become much more tolerant of others who have chosen to follow a different path.

Not so for the psychopath. For the psychopath, it is a long-term commitment to bury their prey and sometimes it can be a lifetime obsession.

The appropriate response, when attacked by a psychopathic smear campaign, is not to respond, not to defend, not to react, and not to contact the predator ever again; period, as any response, no matter how negative, threatening or even a lawfully empowered response will only add fuel to the fire that runs the engine of the assailant. Do not ask the psychopath to stop or try to negotiate with him/her.

Without responding, document everything. In regards to the importance of documentation:

  • Documentation beats conversation
  • If it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen

Seek legal recourse, venues and protection by law, if at all possible, holding the offender accountable for every word, threat or action as it occurs.

Report everything that happens to your local law enforcement agency. Even if the authorities roll their eyes at you for coming into their office to report and supply them with documentation, yet again, do it anyway. Even those who work in the service against criminals can be conned by the cunning psychopath. Stay the course, document and report everything.

Though you may be tempted to, resist posting information about your psychopathic encounter on social media as this is the devils’ playground. Also note that you should guard against sharing intimate details about your psychopathic encounters with other people because you never know who can be trusted (unless, of course, you know for a fact that the person in question is truly trustworthy). Psychopaths will manipulate those who have your confidence in order to probe you for information that feeds the psychopathic fire and they will be spreading lies about your credibility and/or sanity. Anything you say to them will be twisted and misconstrued to reflect upon you in the worst possible light.

Take away the impact of the psychopath’s abuse by having absolutely no response or contact whatsoever, and they eventually get bored and move onto some other more entertaining prey. The reaction of either the victim or others feeds their need to focus on the destruction of their prey.

Therein lays the rub. As social media becomes more accessible, we see psychopaths moving their smear campaigns to the Internet, which is much more difficult to control and can be a highly effective tool in the destruction of a victim’s character. Although the victim might have the wherewithal to ignore the fictitious ranting of the psychopath, other onlookers, unaware of the deception and those whom are fascinated by dirty laundry and drama, may provide the assailant the attention that they crave.

Reach out to a professional for support. People with no professional frame of reference or exhaustive experience dealing with psychopaths will not understand the true nature of the psychopath, and many professionals have been misled or swindled by psychopaths.

Resources include Domestic Violence workers, organizations, victim support groups, counselors or professionals with expertise in dealing with psychopathic abuse.

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29 thoughts on “Psychopathic Smear Campaigns”

  1. My problems and abuse by people, who I believe are sociopaths, has been a life time, painful experience and I don’t know how to explain what I have been through. With the exception of one brother, I feel my whole family may be sociopaths. Is this possible? I have cut ties with all of them but it is very painful. Do sociopaths group together to destroy one person? I feel devastated.

    1. I am touched! Thank you for writing this article, as I too for many years have felt subjugated by my family, (both parents and both older siblings) but never thought it possible for all of them to be the same and as such one plays me then plays me off of the other, before regaining their image of being loving and as such I never really knew who was the problem one, yet with near every interaction I was left feeling worthless and somewhat mentally deranged and the worse thing about it is that logically speaking none of their behavioural disorders could be explained to others in a way that conveys their gross abnormality, nor the extent to which their behaviour has effected me. (Actually one of their little things they all use to accuse me of was being “over sensitive” thus they got away with more.) Anyhow, then I traveled over two continents and up and down the UK -to which I live and virtually no other people had the same perplexing problems with me -as my own family did and does. But still, up until reading your note I just could not believe how anyone could be so unfortunate as to be born to a family of pity playing, manipulative, sadistic and insatiablly destructive psychopaths, yet it seems am not alone. So thank you kindly. And good luck mate.

    2. Yes . Sometimes they do seek each other out to cause harm . No one truly understands the wiles of the personality disordered except by personal experience .

    3. They most certainly do attempt to ring fence their victim and convince other external family members that you are delusional.

      The only defense is with hard evidence and facts and even then the lying will continue. My life has been destroyed by my sociopathic lying narcissistic family, the majority in my case are woman which, I think that makes it ten times worse, the bitching and the envy, they just do not know when to stop.

      They do know how to break a man.

      1. I agree with you on this…women are far worse at having a wagging destructive tongue than men…and I am a woman myself…when women are involved in smear,it’s ten times worse and never ending

    4. There are books written by victims of psychopathic, sociopathic family members. I can’t recall the author’s name. Info on the books were on the aftermath surviving website. I feel terrible for anyone who has to have family like this. It takes strength to survive. To walk away. You have it. It is already bad enough how psychos manipulate my friends and family and turn them all against me. Anyone who might help me. Anyone that likes me. The psycho is sure to turn all these people against me and make every single one of them see me as worthless, useless, evil scum. The object of their rightful derision. The psycho has led them to believe this. And these psychos in my life will control all their thoughts, actions and beliefs all day everyday until the day they all die. Psychos have kept me from having any faith in humankind whatsoever. When things are this bad. Most people feel they’d be better off dead. And a sociopathic “boyfriend” had a sick look of glee and excitement in his eye when he saw me getting close to death. I just know that psychos keep breeding. Several generations later. Maybe only two. And all of humankind will be psychopathic. I will be dead long before then. And I will never have children. Nobody else needs to go what we’ve been through.

      1. It does feel like there are more and more of theses low life types who seem to get off on demeaning tricking and destroying people for either selfish motives or just sport. Ive been brought down pretty low by several working in concert. It almost destroyed me emotionally and caused me to just about lose my desire to live, so I know exactly how you feel. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, and I fought my way back and so can we all. Ill be damned if im going to let them win when I know im a good person and they’re not. And if some fools want to swallow all their gossip of me without hearing my side of it, they can step aside and get out of my way. Ive allways been smarter than believing all gossip wholeheartedly without giving some benefit of the doubt, since im only hearing one side of the story. There are good people out there. They might not appear to be as fun and exciting initially but youll be a whole lot happier around them in the long run. Remember, people that enjoy using and bashing people, are miserable themselves and have failed at everything thats important in life, like being a good parent or good friend or good participant in society. Eventually, their life is just going to suck because they’re too full of poison. Happy people dont want to hurt and trick people, malcontents and dysfunctional do. It will catch up with them eventually, all the lives they were reckless with. I think to be happy again just start with a small group of people who love you and stick close to them. Do all you can to feel good about your appearance and your accomplishments. Enjoy any activities that you enjoyed before they harmed you. And in time youll take your power back. Dont let them change who you were or dim your shine.

    5. I think they do band together because it makes them feel they’re not so bad or makes them feel better about their crummy behaviour when they hang with people of similar ilk. Its really painful to be on the receiving end of their smear campaign, especially when people who sorta know the sociopath for who they are, but still choose to back them up and participate in the smear campaign. You begain to almost believe you’re crazy like they say you are. I guess the people who go along with it fall into the category of useful idiots, weak charecther, lovers of gossip, want to feel important and popular, or just plain cruel. Its true that when you try to tell your side of things, you are often met with narrowed suspicious hate filled eyes, and it feels so unjust and its not easy to rise above. Im not sure what the answer is, because im not sure our silence in the face of evil is allways the best path to take. I do think though, that living well is the best revenge of all. A life lived well with happiness and stability will speak louder than all the protests of how you were wronged. Some people will not believe you and not appreciate you once you’ve been thoroughly downgraded and I guess you’ve got to not care anymore. Just be glad you got away and you smartened up about toxic types who prey on nice people.

    6. Yes…I have been there. My family is a mess of them, except for my sister. I am an open, compassionate person and get skewered for it if im not careful. I am going through this with my former workplace, as well. It has been absolute HELL. These types pick up on the type of personalities we are and it’s off to the races. I have learned to be more protective of my emotions and my heart. A tough lesson to learn but I really had no parenting growing up, so it’s where I find myself now. My heart goes out to you.

    7. Yes it is absolutely possible! And the way you feel is very common of a victim of sociopathic/narcissistic/psychopathic abuse. I felt like this my enitire life, then i married one. I just recently found out so many lies and put it all together. 32 years of believeing i was nothing and feeling guilty for not liking my own parentsm. My therapaist thinks my fad is a psychopath and my mom a covert narcissist. I am currently in the middle of a smear campaign by my own parents that goes back at least 15 years. My best advice to anyone reading this- find allies, find people who have been through it, lean on these people for validation and support, and do everything possible to get out as quickly as possible. As victims we tend to minimize the abuse. If you feel yhis way there is a reason. Best of luck to you

    8. Yes, it does run in families. It is a genetic predisposition. My partner and many of his family are this way. My mother-in-law came from her dying sons bedside and made a disgusting joke about his condition just to confuse and trick me, then she said – only joking and laughed in my face. They have zero empathy and conduct smear campaigns as a group. Try to give each of them the yawn test, if you are still required to be in their company. If they don’t yawn back it’s a good indication of low empathy, as the article says, document everything and keep a journal and keep away from them if you can.

  2. Thanks for this article.
    A question if I may…you said not to react even legally but then you suggest documenting everything am going to law enforcement. I am confused about this,
    I was horribly char assass by a man. It’s destroyed my health and every relationship I had. I’m not his problem, I spent about 2 months with him.
    Long enough to be his new victim I guess.

  3. Does anyone have experience with children with psychopathic traits? I have an adoptive daughter who has utterly destroyed me. I’m not sure where to go from here. I’m broken and lost…. 🙁

  4. Hi, today i prayed to god to help me find a way to overcome this woman, and i searched and found this site. Ive been dealing with a psychopath family member,(my aunt), who is doing everything in her power to destroy my life. Everyone i know, has turned their back on me. She uses them to attack me in covert ways. I have no one to talk to about this. I fight back and everyone thinks im the crazy one and that shes the victim. I believe she is responsible for my fathers death, he went through the same thing im going through. Ive been fighting alone for years, i need help. She has spyware installed on my phone and in my car and uses the info to get my loved ones to attack me. She gets them to repeat everything i say and uses that to drive me crazy and to provoke me to attack her, then everything i say and do is used against me to turn my loved ones against me even more. Please help.

    1. Seek help from therapist.. Go no contact with her and any one who listens to her, therapist and pro bono attorney,, law suite for emotional , mental,suffering , you and father as well,,,

    2. Hello. I have dated a psychopath who is well known in this town and since I’m new any new connection I make ends quickly as if they are being told something. I’m alone here too with just my kids and even the neighbor doesn’t let her daughter play here anymore. It’s hard to digest that I’ve been so kind to people and now I’m deemed evil. My best revenge now is success and to prove I need no one but me and to smile everytime I see them. It’s hard. I’ve hit rock bottom. So I’ve got off social media spent more time focusing on how to make my kids better so when they are seen or asked anything they can say they are well and mom is fine. They are my only witness. I don’t even let them play outside anymore unless we are going together to the park. If you have anyone that can at least vouch for you keep them in their corner. Remember just because everyone is against you doesn’t mean you are wrong… The realest people have no friends. By the way my father was a narc and it want until dating a psychopath that I realized I’ve been dating them all my life and finally came to terms with what my father was… I have so many of them smearing me but what I realized was, my actions saved me everytime… Show them how you are don’t just try to say it… Soon people will catch on. Take care.

    3. This the first time I have ever heard any one claim the exact same thing that I go through with the spyware and having people repeat your conversations. You are not alone and you are not crazy. The hardest thing to do when it becomes relentless is to not respond. That is what I am trying to learn to do. Keep praying

  5. Hello,
    My mother is a psychopath as well as my ex-husband. I think that because of this I sought to find someone who gave me the same treatment. My ex was all of the the five things:
    1. Charasmatic
    2. Smart
    3. No Feelings
    4. Impulsive
    5. Winners
    6. Never Wrong.
    I no longer have any contact as I realized after being beaten down mentally numerous times that nothing I could say would change anything. My problem is my mother. She is in her 70’s and I want to have a relationship with her but she is so mean a ruthless. How do you cut someone like that off?

  6. I am full with sorrow. I have had a psychopath tormenting me and destroying my life for almost thirty years now. I have no friends, I am hated everywhere I go. People who were friendly to me now have hatred and contempt for me. My job was taken from me, and my career. I have been kicked out of college 3 times now from a professional program, no questions asked, I did the work and he did the lie. It was all destroyed. He took my intimate partner away. I am completely alone. I have difficulty walking to the market and shopping there. Everyone who was so kind is now hateful to me for what ever he says. I am not able to live my truth, only his lie. I am not able to have friends or intimate relationships, everyone without exception is told something ugly about. It hurts a lot that my truth is something that he takes from me. He broke into my motor home where I had my personal papers and diaries, he stole everything. I am not allowed to have anything, nothing. I am being starved to death. He is working on having me thrown out of my home, yes he has to have everything. I am preparing for my death as best I can. The funny thing about it all is; he is the criminal yet I must as a penalty of societies betrayal be put to death. I have already served almost a thirty year sentence of such unendurable cruelty and now the next phase is death. These guys have got to be the real judges, police and politicians in society, why waste time with all the paper work, let these guys just given you a helping hand to taking every thing apart of you. Besides you do not have to pay any court costs, they just exact whatever judgement they want for you and it all a chorus line. Your humanity is bound to be ground up in shit before its done and get everyone to pitch in and have a good time. Not a problem.

  7. Hello all, I was physically assaulted by the psychopath in my life, who happened to be my boss at work. I complained and got a new manager but the team members believe his lies. I pressed charges and he got a punishment order which he refused to pay. He actually told people that I did the injuries to myself! He is on a smear campaign of me. I cannot believe how people can believe him, I have to say though there are a few critical thinkers that see that something is wrong with him.

  8. Can I please ask all the people on this site, do any of you suffer from post traumatic stress disorder since dealing with a psycho path. I met my ex husband a number of years ago and he was nice to begin with then turned on me and my family in such an evil way. To the point where I hated myself and started to starve myself and started to self harm after I left him as I blamed myself for his behaviour. His job was to destroy me he didn’t have any feelings, not real feelings. He did so many evil things to me and would twist everything. He treated me like a prisoner but thank God I managed to leave him.
    When I left him, he honestly thought I was toy and thought I was his to abuse. His mind games was unbelievable he would make me doubt myself. Yet I did record one conversation with him when he wouldn’t allow me to sleep for days on end. It was me begging him for sleep. In the recording he was twisting everything. He tried to take these recordings after but they are safe and sound with me. As it was the first thing I packed.

    Since leaving him a number of years ago, I would often have nightmares of him always hurting me in some way or form. But after I wrote what happened to me on this site, I was shaking for an hour. As you can see I don’t go by a name as I’m still protecting myself and my family even after all of these years. But I had a dream that night that my ex basically exploded. I’ve never had a dream like this before. I just want to thank this site so much for allowing me to speak and for me to start healing from this awful mess with my ex. After I left my ex, I did suffer from post traumatic stress disorder but I’m slowly on the mend at long last.

  9. What do you do if their actions are stopping you get a job as they have bad mouthed you to agencies in your area? You have no money and can’t live.?

  10. I have been dealing with a psychopath school mom. Our children are in the same friendship group. I picked up her behaviour immediately she must be invited to every child’s party, if not she will turn every parent against that parent through gossip and slander. She doesn’t drive so gets every mother to drive her everywhere. She tried to push my child out of the friendship group as she was not able to manipulate me, now I have been enduring a smear campaign of epic proportions. My son no longer gets birthday party invites, over the last 6 months she has tried calling me 40 times, which I refuse to take her calls, I have had parents say unusual things to me which indicates she is making up things I supposedly said. Last Christmas I received a number of Ho Ho Ho Christmas cards in succession over a few days, then on the last day she gave my son a gift with Ho Ho Ho wrapping paper in front of her clique. She has befriended my friends, she gets her son to get other people to bully my son, people block us in where we park, She probes me about my life, she keeps trying to find out where we live, she is haughty condescending, grandiose, displays different personalities in front of different people. This women can be extremely charming and charismatic, and people believe her. She gives extra extra expensive gifts/presents and always refuses any wrong doing. I now know I have truly met evil. My question is do they ever get found out by the wider community?

  11. He took one thing about me , said I used drugs to people.. told them I was on heroin, of course he dident mention that he went through an 8 ball of meth a day, and just by exploiting my drug problem he took out all credibility and by portraying me as a useless addict no one cared what happened to me. Broken ribs, black eyes, swollen lip no one ever asked me if I was okay. The attitude that I was on drugs so I must have deserved it was common.

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