Psychopathic Character Assassination

You may be one of the unfortunate ones who were unfortunate to cross roads with a psychopath. If you’re fortunate, you were only temporarily targeted by the psychopath, and were used (possibly abused or picked-clean) then discarded like yesterday’s trash. Psychopaths excel at blending-in with society and they permeate all walks of life. You may encounter them at work, in religious organizations or you may find yourself in an intimate relationship with one.

psychopathic-character-assassinationSome people are lifetime targets of Psychopathic Character Assassination (Psyca) a full-on unbridled attempt by the “Path” (used interchangeably to represent either a psychopath or sociopath) to totally destroy any credibility that the unsuspecting victim may have had.

What makes this victim so special over the other victims, that they are targeted to be the recipients of a possibly life-long dedication to end all normal social interaction or positive human connection with other inhabitants of our planet?

Simply stated, in most cases, victims of Psyca normally self-select by knowing too much about the Path.

Paths routinely maintain at least two separate personas. One, a positive, gregarious, revered personality that is embraced by unsuspecting society, the other is their dark Path self: their evil twin. They may have many other personalities that they dial-in at any particular moment to manipulate their current audience (not to be confused with multi-personality disorder because they change personas at will with the intent to defraud).

It is imperative that the Path keep their dark sides hidden from the general populace. Think about it; if anyone knew who they really were, their lives would crumble. To the Path, protecting the secrecy of their true innate evil is as important to them as anything that provides life or sense of purpose to any other normal human being.

Paths usually launch their Psyca-attacks following a very calculated formula. Even though there is no known, “playbook,” that has been published for the Paths to follow, they all intuitively use the same system to ruin the lives of those who they feel may be a threat to the sacred secrecy of his or her true self. Certainly, making a potential witness appear to be a crazy, mentally disturbed, narcissistic sociopath, psychopath or pathological liar is the logical solution.


Years of research and experience has concluded that usually within the first moments of engaging with a victim who might have access to too much personal information on the Path, they begin to sow the seeds of doubt and lack of trustworthiness behind the victim’s back.

The Path draws in the friends, family co-workers and acquaintances of the victims with his or her personal charm in an effort to build a (false) trust relationship with the fringe audience. This is accomplished with little effort as the Path has innate skills that easily manipulate the perceptions of others endearing them to him or her as they wield their persuasiveness and charm.

The initial impact, though appearing quite harmless and innocuous is commonly cloaked in the appearance of sincere concern for the victim’s well-being and might sound something, like, “I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but have you ever thought that (insert victim’s name) may not be what he (or she) appears to be?” No accusations, no data, reports or inclinations of anything concrete, just tilling the soil and fertilizing it with a little doubt.

All the while, they are increasing their own credibility with someone who may be a family member, friend, co-worker or acquaintance of the intended victim; unaware that they are being groomed as the Path’s minion who will be turned against the victim when the time is right.


Grooming from this point forward will take a secretive slant and will likely be presupposed with something, like, “Don’t tell (insert name), but…” as they actually sow seeds of doubt.

As the relationship between the Path and his minion(s) grows deeper, more and more seeds will be sown in an effort to cast doubt, while the victim is none the wiser.

I’ve always thought it peculiar, that in most cases, these once close associates of the victim rarely, if ever, courteously approach them with the sensitive information with a sincere, “Hey, I was just wondering about (insert reports of lack of sanity, trustworthiness, a secret double-life, illicit drug-use, illegal activities, pathological symptoms, etc…)…” that would definitely be an early indicator that something was up.

In most, if not all, circumstances the victim continues to navigate their life’s journey unaware that the world they once enjoyed is being eroded or destroyed behind their back.

It is common for the Path to project their own psychological attributes onto you. For instance, if they are a closet illicit drug user, then this will be represented as being a problem for you. If he or she is manipulative or controlling, this would be presented as something that you struggle with unbeknownst to others. If they tend to make up elaborate stories, it will be the victim who secretly lives a fantasy-life where nothing is as it seems… on and on and on…

Why? Because no one knows these attributes better than the Path. They are the undeniable expert in these pathologies and they know how critical it is for someone who has them to keep them a secret in an effort to appear to be normal.

In no way am I suggesting that the Path might limit their Psyca-attacks to their own attributes. They are extremely acute at the skill of taking a known truth and spinning it into a ludicrous conclusion that will cast a dark shadow on anyone at any time.


Paths have the ability to spin any factual data into an amazing story that will breed conspiracy or contempt for any individual at will.

For instance, let’s say that you had a hard day at work all day, due to struggling with an intense ongoing headache. Everyone at work could tell that you were not “on your game” as usual. If you intimated to the Path that you had a headache; that would give them the data that they needed to spin a tale.

The tale may take many shapes and forms, but will be consistent with some of the previous seeds that had been sown against you. For instance, if the Path’s intention was to have you appear to his or her minions that you were a closet illicit drug user, he or she might intimate, “Wow, did you notice that (insert your name) was out of it yesterday? It’s normal to go through withdrawals when you don’t get your fix before you get to work… It’s so sad…”

No matter what you say or do, you cannot prevent the Path from spinning it into a negative story about you that will erode your sense of normalcy.


When the Path has a clue that you are coming to the end of your usefulness in the accomplishment of their goals, he or she ramps up the defamation, usually making it appear that it is you who is beginning to attack them. At this point the Path will appeal to their minions’ sensibilities as they present themselves as the sacrifice, martyr or victim of your psychotic manipulations.

It will become apparent to you when your relationship with the Path is coming to an end, that there has been a definite polarity has taken place. People who were once your friends will drift away… and you will notice a gravitation toward the Path.

Having no internal filter, they will stop at nothing in an effort to humiliate you. They will spout vile accusations, even proclaim you’re mentally ill, if it will support their proclamation that you cannot be trusted or are inherently evil.

Trying to defend yourself is almost pointless. If the Path is quite proficient – as most of them are very accomplished – anything that you say in your defense will appear to be a part of your psychosis and will strengthen all of the groundwork that the Path has laid in preparation of this moment.

Even if the Path’s relationship with the minions begins to dissolve (as it almost always does when the Path moves on in search of new victims and minions), the seeds will always leave a mark in their minds… and as heartbreaking as it may be, in most cases, regardless of the ultimate outcome of the Path’s lifestyle, there may be no hope for recovering the life that you once knew.

Jobs and careers may be lost, friends will turn their backs on you, family members will distance themselves, the people that you once trusted with your most intimate thoughts and feelings will always wonder who you “really were” all the time they knew you.


There is no way to anticipate how long the attacks will take place. In some cases, if the Path is the least bit concerned that you might at some point discredit them or tarnish their appearance or reputation… the attacks will continue. If the Path believes that at any point you could be a threat to their charade, the spinning will not cease. This perceived threat may continue until either of you cease to be.

Many Paths have come right out and made bold, public declarations that they, “will not rest until you are,” locked up, put away, homeless, or dead.


Paths may even go as far as to manipulate the media. In many cases a Path may launch a character assassination media campaign in an effort to make certain that you will have little or no credibility whatsoever. Media campaigns may include radio shows, newspapers, magazines and social media pays quite effectively into their slanderous toolbox.


If you are active in social media, it is not very hard to tap into your network, and start spinning your friends, followers or associates against you as they spin everything you say or do against you.


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49 thoughts on “Psychopathic Character Assassination”

  1. My psychopath has made facebook accounts using my name, address, birth date other personal informatiion and impersonating as me is spreading rumors and making me look horrible. What can I do?

      1. That happened to me except she started a blogspot pretending to me, portraying me as an unstable person with borderline personality disorder. I believe she chose that mental illness because she was diagnosed when mother forced her to seek counseling. But in fact she is a sociopath from my observations

    1. I would see a lawyer. There are two lawsuits you can file: misappropriation of likeness and defamation. Remember he is a social terrorist. You cannot negotiate with terrorists. It is the same way!

      1. Maybe the police in your country actually are police. But in my country they rather believe in obvious lies than the truth, like everybody else.

  2. Boy, I could write a book on this one. You never see it coming, and when you are blindsided by it and begin to try to be heard, the more you say, the more traps you step in. It is no less predatory, no less sadistic, no more excusable and I believe every bit, if not more evil than anything Ted Bundy ever did. My mother did it to me. I have until April to file a lawsuit for the intentional infliction of emotional distress. If I can find a lawyer, and like we say here in the South, “it’s on….like a pot of neckbone.” Most lawyers are terrified of it, and don’t want to take a case like mine because it’s so difficult to prove. The fact of the matter in my case is that my mother has so destroyed her own reputation in the small town I’m from that no one listens to a word she says. I have reason to believe, and in fact know of several other women who have been her targets as well as my stepbrother. She has my daughter in her crosshairs now and everyone who knows laughs this off as they just don’t understand how dangerous this woman is. She is of the “covetous” subtype Martha Stout writes about in “The Sociopath Next Door.” Character assassination against innocent people who have no clue is her modus operandi. Stalking is a crime, and this is the most serious form. Studies in Europe are showing this mobbing type character assassination is to blame in nearly every situation in the workplace where an employee “goes postal” and shoots up the place. This is stalking and stalking is a crime. These people are serial stalkers and nothing but criminals, and violent criminals at that. Another good book on the subject is “Stalking the Soul: Emotional Abuse and the Erosion of Identity” by Marie-France Hirigoyen. These people are as evil as it gets.

    1. Wow! The stories we could share. It’s my sister that’s the psychopath and I’ve been in her cross hairs for about 7 years now. There is no peace once you are targeted and combine that With living in a small town in the south andit becomes a recipe for hell on earth. I feel the worst for my niece because she’s struggling With how to deal with her Mom and looking back on things I realize my niece has been her target longer than I have but we didn’t see it.

      1. Yes, the children are targets, too… from beginning to end. As the child gets older, it will get worse, unless the child becomes just like her.

        Difficult, but not impossible… file for guardianship of your niece; if you can prove she is an unfit parent. She is, but proving it takes documentation.

        Check out
        Articles on Validation and Invalidations give keen insight to life of all targets, but especially the children.

        Hang in there.

        (p.s. love the site)

    2. I’m going through this right now ALL of it. I’ve lost my business ..friends ..softball accounts ..vehicles..damn near been losing my mind trying to figure out what the hell even happened And when from who and where.its making me feel like the crazy one worst time of my life the last year and a half. I can’t tell anyone crap they think I’m nuts ..I usually had a little more fun than most on occasion but by no means to wierd or illegal stuff so I think that may have been one avenue explored by her amongst many others I’m finding. Such as every online account I have and every new phone 4 in the last year and still all over all of my stuff. Incredibly dark place I’m in with zero money a vehicle place to live and all of it. Been stuck in this place of a trillion. Thoughts on why and how and just starting to make it back hopefully. IDK what the hell to do?? Just confused as shit on this one and I’m sure was gbe intent of them to make it so.

  3. Two years it has been since I left that insanity, haunts me all my waking hours, I exist, no longer live, P.T.S.D. we do surely own…

  4. The sociopath who is targeting me spreads rumors and lies and tries to destroy me. It has affected me deeply. As I am afraid constantly what people believe and don’t believe. She has even gone so low as to verbally attack my 10 year old daughter. Saying my child was not “well adjusted” or “mentally stable”. My child is a straight at student. She is thriving in school since we changed schools and I moved my child away from the same school her children attended. Recently she even tried to move one of her children to my child’s new school. I talked with the principle and director of school and explained what this woman had been doing to my child and me. And the school director agreed that they wouldn’t consider her child for application. It’s sad to me that these children are innocent. Yet the sociopath drags children into her hate for me. What kind of human being trash talks children. This woman accused me of STALKING her when I have only wanted to GET AWAY FROM HER. What I have noticed is that whatever the sociopath is accusing me of – she is doing those things to me. Why else would she want to move her child to my child’s new school. When she knew we changed schools because of the lies she was telling parents and teachers about me at the school. It’s been a night mare. But I think karma is handling her now

    1. What kind of human being targets children? The same type that physically attacks two very young girls (under 10) who just lost their mother suddenly to a terrible fate. The type my father married. The type who is the reason my entire “family” no longer speaks to me, including the children. They will be, and have been, raised to understand that I am the “crazy aunt.” All because I was old enough to understand what was happening, that this woman my father was having an affair with at the time of my young mother’s death, was targeting me over and over again for things I’d seen and heard that I never should have seen or heard. Kids have no idea when adults hate them, but they feel the hate. And I still feel it. People tell me to “move on” and “forgive”. As if I’m the one who is the problem. This has never ended and it never will.

  5. This is very true. You never see it coming. But there are always red flags, yet being the naive people we are who are not Sociopathic/Psychopathic, we just ignore them usually. And when you do finally realise what’s really going on, and see the path for who they really are, its all too late. You are trapped in the web the path created and weaved together oh so cleverly. And once they get to your friends and family, its all over, you don’t stand a chance, really. You see, the path has been doing this for YEARS, most likely since they were children. They will get everybody to feel sorry for them and they will play the “wounded hero”, telling you how they were done wrong in the past and blah, blah, blah. Feeding you these tragic stories about their abusive chilhood and horrible family. When in reality their family cut them off because of the drama, chaos and pain they caused on their relitives. Then once you see them without the mask, it all makes sense. The people who the path claims did them wrong were probably giving them exactly what they deserved! THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY, remember that when dealing with people in general. When people tell you sad stories about their past trials and tribulations, make sure they have proof, if not don’t believe a word of it. Doing this will save you from being duped more than other people who meet the path. Sad but true. In the end of it all, once they get bored or exposed and their true form is seen by everybody in the social circle, they simply vanish, like they never even existed! They move on to the next group of people who don’t know any of the former victims of the path. It’s really tragic when people who have worked so hard for their place in the world to make their dreams come true, then one day the path comes along and destroys it all just like that, ruining your once respected reputation, and making you out to be the bad guy. Its devastating, its sick, its twisted, its sad and they will never change. Best thing you could do is just not to pick up any of the broken peices. Just leave it there, take a good look at it, and walk away empty handed, humbled and defeated. Its painful but that’s life. Accept the fact that there is no looking back or fixing any of it. Simply move on, disappear forever and take it from there. And when I mean dissapear, I mean literally dissapear for good. No contact with ANYONE. Period! And try to start all over again with a clean, honest and fresh plate. That’s all you can really do. In a sense, that is winning. The path will never get to you again, they can trash talk you ALL they want but it will never get back to you. They can’t get to you, they don’t know where you are and never will, and knowing that pisses them off. That’s the best revenge, don’t feed the fire…just ignore it and let it burn itself out. In ten years from now, nobody will even remember half of it, or care. Godbless.

    1. Be careful with the “two sides to every story” when dealing with psychos, narcissists and other abusers. There is only the victim’s “side”…never the abuser.

  6. Ok. I really need advice from someone experienced. The path in my life has totally destroyed my reputation at work. Can this ever get better? Will the path hang himself? will others see the light? Or am I just plain screwed? But more importantly (most importantly) can this be turned around?

    1. Nine out Ten times…. better, easier to get a different job

      If it isn’t too late, do it while you can still use the current employer as a reference.

      I am sorry.

      Learn how to avoid them in the next job.
      There will be one, most likely… but maybe not.

      If you are Not a Tool, you are a threat. This is why you can not hide…. they will find you. Learn to say No without needing to explain. If you are no fun, there will be Less problems for you.

      You can do it.
      Better to work them with than live with them, so use that to prop your chin up if needed. *Smiles*

    2. “Ok. I really need advice from someone experienced. The path in my life has totally destroyed my reputation at work. Can this ever get better? Will the path hang himself? will others see the light? Or am I just plain screwed? But more importantly (most importantly) can this be turned around?”

      A. “Can this ever get better? I doubt it. My reputation never recovered when it was trashed by a sociopath.”

      B. “Will the path hang himself?” If mine did I’d prefer he wrote a suicide note and mailed copies to all the people he badmouthed me to prior to killing himself. Ideally he would express remorse for the harm he did to my reputation.

      C. “Will others see the light?” I doubt it!

      D. “Am I just plain screwed?” I think so!

      E. “But more importantly (most importantly) can this be turned around?” Only way I can think of is if somehow the sociopath lost credibility with those he talked to.

      Note – In my case the sociopath “thought” I had been going around badmouthing him and told me he was teaching a lesson for doing so. Only problem was I had NEVER said anything bad about him to anyone.

      Matter of fact I was the one told him there was an open position at the place I worked. I even stressed his virtues to the person that hired him!


    3. No, you’re screwed, if the path has power in your workplace. I’m so sorry to say. It happened to me. When I told people the actual truth of what happened, the people who had written me recommendation letters based on 11 years of very hard work, withdrew their recommendation—all because I talked about what had happened. The path runs the place now and has immense power over peoples’ minds–or perhaps they are just afraid of her. You can tell the truth, but it will only harm you. Since 9/11 anyway, ‘truth’ is a bad word.

    1. No. I’m sorry.
      You can’t win by playing.

      Genius has limits whereas insanity does not.

      Read everything on this site… twice, then daily or weekly, as needed. Until it sinks in, you must not forget … or they will remind you. You Really do not want them to remind you.

      To them, if you believe the lie, then you deserved it.
      This absolves them from needing the conscious… it is reasoned not guilty through justification that other (trusting) people are idiots.

      They know it’s Ignorance, but our blind trust makes us idiots in their eyes. There is blind trust, but to them all trust is blind. And if you pay attention to them, you’ll see why they think it. Sometimes we are such willing tools, that we volunteer to be our own executioner.

      Don’t be. If you didn’t catch it in time, let yourself off the hook, cut the rope and run while you can. Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know before you knew it.

  7. I have now self educated myself about psychopathology by watching, listening, reading a lot of information , (psychopaths and psychopathic narcissists). I have been victim to a devious, duplicitous, malignant one, on and off, for many years with many of the traits, manipulations and behaviours mentioned. I have also watched others manipulated, drawn in, caught in the spell, then be utterly perplexed when he does the 180 degree psycho turn. I wish I had the knowledge many years ago that I have now. They should carry a health warning! Once the reality about these entities sinks in its truly shocking and emotionally traumatic. The good thing is that once one is aware about these dark personas one can develop insight about their tricks, cons etc. What was complex becomes predictable. The biggest threat with them, apart from the potential of rage, aggression and general emotional devastation (!), is the added character assassination afterwards. Its frustrating realising you have to remain silent, not tell, so as not to stir them up. Maybe one should view silence as more dignified. If you bump into them socially would it aggravate them, add fuel to their sick paranoia if you ignore them, keep your distance – do you just nod, say hello, move on quickly?

  8. To the person being targeted at work – if the path is turning coworkers against you as well as ruining your reputation – LEAVE – get another job. Save yourself the pain and humiliation. It’s a virus spreading that can only be stopped in it’s earliest stages…. I was mobbed from my job and I kept thinking…surely somebody will catch on to what is happening and stop this madness but it was quite the contrary – many people were involved as well as many bystanders. It’s sickening how people act so cruel in a group setting but they were tainted with the predator’s poisonous meme that makes them want to spit on me and worse. I’d give anything to know what that lie is. I know it is very effective by the shameful things they do and by the looks I get. I know she plays ‘victim’ and accuses me of exactly what she and/or her minions do to me. It’s hard to believe how people believe outrageously insane lies (very few critically think). Long story short, I pursued legally and when an ugly truth came to light I was framed for psych ward, she had neighbors make disgusting lies to take my son from me and of course she has complete control of my parents who have my son and i have not seen him in over a year. …and the minions still believe that she really is the poor victim!!!! I will never let anyone mess with my head because I don’t want to be like them. I have watched how brainwashing turns people into evil doing, egotistical morons and they are clueless as to how pathetic their actions are and how ridiculous their ego looks (because they’ve been dumbed down). I have been accused of everything under the sun and will need to start recording every breath I take because people do whatever insane request she has for them – even falsely accuse me of being homicidal and then of course she had probate deliberately deny me the right of reply. And the icing on Satan’s cake, she has some good IT people that know how to frame things on her target’s pc without being able to trace to the perpetrator. Emails & unscrupulous files were planted on me without me even knowing it until I figured it out during legal pursuit, a year after my term. To the person above, if you see the Path out in a social setting – I’d get the heck out of there! I need to hide in another country because as much as I try to tell people to ‘stay out of it’ they still believe her lies and will spy, harass, smear and whatever other crime she asks them to do. It’s downright scary what brainwashed people will do.

    1. 2 words:
      Barnyard Mentality

      I am so sorry, dear one
      I will very much keep you in my prayers

      Read all you can about legal parental rights and coping skills. It isn’t right. You must become very composed and be a rock, but you can do it. Just focus on one thing at a time. Take deep breaths. And, God forbid, but if it takes till they are 18, so be it. Be ready and be waiting. Children love their parents and even once deceived, they secretly hold out hope for you to return to them. I promise.

      It isn’t easy… didn’t say easy… I said possible.

  9. I’m new here. My life has been invaded by a legit psychopath, not the serial killer type and we’ve never been romantically involved. This individual is a corporate psychopath and has wreaked havoc on my professional career and more importantly, my psyche. He’s a master at his craft and can manipulate people simply by knowing how to structure sentences. He has pushed people to suicide and attempted suicide. He’s a monster and cannot be stopped. I’m bullied and psychologically messed with daily by subordinates and peers. He groomed me for 2 years before beginning the discard stage of his game with me. He’s worse than a murderer because his mask never falls off and the damage he does to people is so deep.

  10. Hi all,
    Very useful discussion, as well as the article. Just want to remind, that it is essential to not confuse the terminology. This applies to all fields of human activity. In Psychology the ‘Psychotic’ is not the same as ‘Psychopathic’, in fact the two don’t even go hand-in-hand (…many think, i.e. aren’t /can’t be co-morbid). They therefore, can’t be used interchangeably.

  11. Hello. Thanks for the info and the responses. I’m learning so much. I met a man, we work in the same circles, we decided to go out on a date. We went out on two dates to Church. We did not have sex. I liked him, however, after seeing his heavy drug use, I became concerned and decided to pull back. When I pulled back, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. He started showing up to my gigs, uninvited, then he would take over the gig, until I quit, my pocket took the hit. Then I started losing work, with people I’d worked with for years. This person hacked my phone, laptop & tablet. He used GPS from my cell to call where GPS showed I was, then spewed out venom and lies about me, which people were so ready to believe. I would try to get work and mysteriously lose the job. He locked me out of 4 email accounts, has managed to get passed my firewall, still hacks into my email (Gmail shows in ‘Detail’ IP addresses that login to your account) and sometimes I still have to work with him. I can’t afford to quit, I can’t afford not to. He reaches out to people who he thinks are attracted to me and spills out his “documented lies.” I have decided not to date, it’s the last thing on my list of priorities. For now, I just want to get all this straighten out. My question is, how do I move and/or find a new job in the future if this “Path” has uber cyber-stalking skills, as well as evil, manipulating tactics that has alienated some of my peers, business associates and a perceived confidant? BTW, I filed a police report, they are so in over their heads with similar cases and offered very little assistance. Your advice is very appreciated. What should be my plan?

  12. I know people like this… I’ve had two try and destroy my character, paint me as a piece of shit to my friends. But thankfully for me, my friends aren’t that stupid. I’m still waiting for karma to catch up with one of them though…

  13. It took me so long to figure out why people asked me so much questions about lies what my friend was spinning about me
    She had been spinning during the 5years i hadn’t seen her
    So for being lonely she had nothing to do other then make me look bad make my life hell
    But soon as u catch them out ur life becomes an endangered species the more ppl they have against u in this world the more they are happy the more a psycho sees u suffer the more they live
    When i became homeless after she interfered in my life she loved seeing me to use me and bestfriend wouldn’t let u sleep in middle of nower in the dark but help u she never did but till this day she hasn’t stopped only cos her lifes destroyed boring she has nothing even if i tried to report her shes made me look insane so i just learned to keep away only cos she placed my life in danger
    when a person tries to place fear in u then seems loving and caring but gives u no help after placing u in a dangerous situation thats not a friend when they seem happy while seeing u sad stay away from psychopaths

  14. My ex boyfriend is either a psychopath or sociopath. He has been dragging my name through the dirt for almost 3 years. It is HORRIBLE, & exhausting. He was put in prison for significant felony charges 2 months ago, & I was so relieved that he wouldn’t be able to terrorize me so much anymore, but now his new girlfriend is doing it for him. I have a restraining order, he’s been twice convicted of violating it, but he just got more creative about violating it. Now this woman is going bananas on social media, humiliating me….wow, it’s unreal.
    I have PTSD, & cameras on my house. I carry a gun at all times. I am afraid of everyone, I have a very difficult time interacting with new people because I am afraid of who they are, if they know him, etc. I have aged tremendously in 3 years. It is horrific. You can’t understand how unbelievably vicious these “people” are unless you go through it.

    1. kelly, i do know. these same things, your description of yourself is also a description of the last 4 years of my life, my daughters mother. i record and squirell away the video just in case something happens. she is targeting our daughter more recently when she thinks no one can hear. she plays a victim but these scars and videos speak truth.

  15. this article was helpful, I work with a psychopath at work, who is trying to destroy me. It is scary, how others can be persuaded so easily into believing his lies. I would think people would understand that there are two sides to everthe story, but people dont. reason seems to leave the room, when a psychopath shows up.

  16. This is an excellent well written. Also healing for me to read too. Thank you. I particularly liked the part where you said what is odd is how none of your friends talk to you about it. So true. I love this article and when I having a down day about the damage done to my life and friends lost I will come back to it. Have shared on my work Facebook page. Thank you.

  17. In the end, people see them for the horror stories they are and their M.O. becomes apparent. I hope every single one of these false friends reaps what they have sown and their reputations flow before them like a force field to allow the innocent to escape their blood-red talons. Witness a co-worker who builds women up in order to knock them down and gets off on sesing them devastated and in tears.

    Good thing I’m Scottish (and Cherokee). In the end, people see their dark side.

  18. I have had a steady barrage of attacks by my brothers wife for the past several years. Not only has it been tails of the usual kind, ie. crazy and what ever else she could come up with. This woman has burgurlized my home several times, by getting others to tell her where I am so she knows the coast is clear. My car has been keyed and I have had numberous nails in my tires. Most recently, she found a kindred spirit in a co worker of mine and convinced her I’m a thief. I work in a store. I guess items or money was taken by the person to set me up. They were all watching me, pretty obvious, I confronted coworkers and they were all very tight lipped but also let on what was occurring by comments made. To make a long story short, I ended up resigning because I didn’t want to end up getting blamed for something I didn’t do. Reports to the police were just blown off because the stories about me went around much longer then I realized. Now I’m out of work and I’m sure my former employer is trashing me.

  19. We just payed a lawyer 4000 to file suit against a freak who has done everything in her power to sabotage our Charity! Yep, she also has a charity. Doors flew open for us and we worked our arses off and excelled like crazy in our charity work. All kinds of amazing opportunities and this devil woman COULD NOT STAND IT. We had hoped to join forces with her to help people who suffer but SHE IS LIVID and green with envy. She started telling all the prominent people in our industry and all Grantors that I am a pervert. A peeping tom. No kidding. And that I have been arrested!!! O my. She is VERY BELIEVED because she has pulled this crap for all her life. She calls these people and starts crying and carrying on about how terrified she is and they fire us or blackball us. Even if they dont believe her they write us off because…DRAMA.

  20. My sister caused me so much pain she caused my whole family pain!!! And she stills continues to do so. Now that I’m on to her and her sick ways , the last thing I want to do is to be quite ! !!!! Hell no!! I plan to rip that Bitch into a million pieces 😠

  21. When one person is isolated and bullied by a group, at least question in your mind about the validity of destroying them further.
    I can’t see how anyone sea me as the predator when all I do is try to hide away and live low key as possible. No drama. They chase me down and call me the predator
    My life lies in ruins…

    The article is well written- thanks.

  22. I lived with what I now know was a psychopath for 20 years. I was filleted emotionally and my character abused skillfully. These are humanoid machines who consume what they can get in their path. They turn things around so I felt that it was my fault. We have a daughter who is confused as hell as she has a vampire as a mother. I honestly didn’t know that evil existed until I met this humanoid. Luckily I’ve retained some personality from my younger self and am very slowly recovering having had ptsd symptoms. My advice is to just keep moving on whilst retaining what you’ve hot left thst hasn’t been fed on. Luckily my psychopath has advanced cancer (that they have allowed to develop for attention) so they are housebound but their malignancy continues. It’s sad to say but I’m actually looking forward to this machine ceasing operation! Even then their malignancy will need further healing. Love to all Andy

    1. Hi Andy when you have been poisoned by a psychopath- it is actually much easier to comprehend anothers plight with them.
      Sorry to hear of your humanoid ex, funny way to put it, I think others too would agree there is almost something unhuman about them. I wonder if this has to do with how they are devoid of the empathy and compassion that humans are supposed to have, its meant to be written in our DNA. But it even says in the Bible, that there is wheat and chaff in the human race, and the Lord pursues the goal of seperating wheat from chaff. This is beginning to make much more sense. I also know what you mean when you say you want to pick up the parts of your former self that she has not as yet ‘consumed’ and I think going very low but more recommended to go “no contact” is the most ideal. So you can get yourself back again. Is this creature still here, or has the cancer fully consumed the person? I hope its not too weird a question to ask. well anyway I hope that you are still well. Blessings

  23. I have experienced the wrath for seven straight years with no end in sight. Manipulated friends, family, police, legal system and therapist, and doctors, my own lawyers. Even the church. Worst of all my beloved children whom are used against me. Every phone call is recorded and manipulated, or redirect or not allowed to be received. Same with all other communications. Completely controlled and we don’t even live in the same state. One of the sickest games that is played is that every conversation I have whether in my home, on the phone, in my car … is in some way repeated back to me in some way. Just to let me know he is listening and watching my every move. He has made this his full time job. I have had four lawsuits in three different states. The goal is to make me homeless and penniless. Almost there. It is amazing to me how many people are fooled. Particularly because he has manipulated them to basically break the law and at the very least compromise their morals and values… they not think the very things he used to turn them against me were his manipulation and control over me? It seems so logical to me. But the very worst part is that he has taken pleasure in hurting me and does not understand the devastation he has caused me has so harmed or children. Imagine seeing your mom fall apart and then being told she is just crazy when in fact I was a very good mother and he was jealous of that. Not sure what I am going to do, but I refuse to give up on my children. They are everything to me. Even if they have hurt me, I know they were manipulated. I pray for anyone in this situation. Don’t fight them, just ignore them and don’t give up.

  24. This is exactly my life almost like it was written by someone who was watching it happen. The social media campaign, hidden blogs,aliases, hacking my phone, tab, and my accounts. Veiled threats through aliases and minions. I tried to commit suicide because I didn’t want to lose her but thankfully I survived. Shortly after I accidentally found a Facebook page that was full of posts about hating me and wishing I would’ve died and an affair that has been going on for around 20 years. My life has been destroyed.

  25. Denmark, “ My father” and the Police. Everybody keeps joining in. I was finishened 20 years ago. I am a Living corpse of abuse.

  26. Thats me, both my “parents” were sociopaths. I have been “assained” since I was zero. I should be dead, and I am dead inside. Thats the whole point. I used all my life trying to run from something I cant run from, especilially when a whole culture is so insane that they go along with this holocaust. Constantly being bullied out on the streets and my money taken, because the world have been turned upside down, and I am painted out as insane and dangereous. Even though nobody has ever seen me do anything remotely insane ore dangerous, besides being affraid …. There is noone to trust, noone to help. I have let down my country and sociaty, that just watches ore joined in. I want to say fuck you all, Denmark, for taking my life and abusing me to oblivion. But if I say that I am dangerous, and I must be arrested, ofcorse. ( I dont see something, happening in so big a scale, in other small countries )

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