Psychopath Runs Court, Police From Other Side of the World


Penny J Darby-Smith

I sincerely hope this devastating story will alert other victims to the lengths a Psychopath will go to in order to secure the result for the victim of being ‘arrested, sectioned and dead’; the Psychopath mantra. The Hate Crimes are too many to list, but are daily, sometimes hourly.

My Psychopath is my half-sister, who inherited the genes from her father, a charismatic, dangerous man.

This child went on to be a very dangerous person, but blonde, pretty and nearly 6’ tall, she was able to swan through life with impunity; a life full of planned attacks on many people, but mostly focused on my father and me.

My mother got the big smile and false respect to keep her onside. She went on to hasten her mother’s death, within hours of solicitor-firm’s arrival; she recognised the person at the door, as she had been to see the solicitor before announcing her arrival to us. That proves premeditation as she wanted to recognise anyone from the office. Also, she told her mother she had a black outfit and was in a hurry. She physically and emotionally tortured her. She was a foot taller and threw her around until I was able to hide my son and moved over there immediately to save my mother. My mother’s cries for help to Police failed to remove this danger. We were both scared, as is outlined clearly in her solicitor’s notes.

She had also appeared from Australia in 2001 to drop the bombshell that she had been abused from ages 5 – 20 but had forgotten! She said she remembered when she read an article about someone who sued a dead person for abuse. We lived in a small home and played on a smallish sailing boat, so any abuse would have been obvious. She was sexually promiscuous early on and would try and upset me with stories of sex; also, her love of watching patients die; trying to upset me with seeing the lights go out in their eyes. I was a sensitive child and would run off crying – a buzz for any Psychopath.

Sadly, in Antipodes, it was big business claiming damages from a dead person’s estate. In UK that did not apply, but she tried to sue her own mother for damages and money to keep it secret.

My mother banished her and her family forever and sent her packing; far from keeping quiet, she told everyone about it and all agreed her daughter had gone rogue. From my perspective, as I sat there listening to the vile sex stories, I knew it was just her sex-addiction talking. She had always loved talking sex to shock people and feed off their reactions. It continues to this day. She knew that we knew it was all lies (even decades out and wrong houses etc.!) but her excitement was unstoppable.

The Psychopath returned in 03 on hearing her mother was ill. I am very keen on Complementary Medicine, at the top level, and it had saved my own life, and we had also got my mother through serious illness and so we knew we could get her through this illness. (I have proof of her cure with medical notes from her oncologist) and upon the arrival of the banished daughter, my mother called the Police in desperation. They were no use at all and fell for the lies. Not for the first time. A relative of mine was stabbed to death on his doorstep, in front of his brother, who were running from a gang, run by Psychopathic leader; son of a senior Police Officer! This could raise the family numbers to a massive 4, thanks to the ignorance of those who presume and assume others to potential death. So this family has not fared well at the hands of the Police, at all.

I am writing a course for the Police, but doubt they will take it up. One such tip is to seat people on both sides of a suspected Psychopath, easy, but effective, as they lose the smiling expression immediately, and turn to ‘reset’. If you remove that, it leaves them in some confusion. Believe me, a lifetime of unwillingly being a student of Behavioural Sciences, there are many clues. I could hide before walk; a flick of the hair, a steely, laser-like stare would terrify me as a child. Even MIND is unable to help victims; I was advised to get a solicitor!

When I married and honeymooned in NZ, she had an affair with my husband. My father and I caught them, and she was hoping I would shout, scream, yell and cause a furore. I never mentioned it, came home and divorced. I never told my mother, ever. Dad and I just kept quiet for ‘peace’; that will bring anything but peace. Just another attempt to be, do, have my life, to destroy at will.

Short story, Mother dead within couple of hours of solicitor trying to get new Will signed, turning up at the house. I have the handwritten notes. The doctor refused me blood tests and post mortem. He was scared of her and under her control entirely. Her death was unexpected; we had plans for the following week. Even solicitor was planning a visit the following week, but the one who visited was keen to get it done and had arranged it with me, with neighbours at the ready as Witnesses, keen to help my lovely mum. It was not urgent and says a lot. I have the new Will and the notes for the instruction which proves her intention. Her mantra was ‘she will collect nothing’ and she kept repeating it. It was heart-breaking.

Within minutes of her death, the Psychopath was stretched out on the sofa on her mobile phone, saying ‘got the money’ and laughing. Her husband manifested out of nowhere to shut her up and bully solicitors and doctors. She forgot it was a bungalow and I was just yards away.

My mother died in fear, pain, anger and distress. This was amplified by the fact she knew my son and I would be next.

My attacker is the other side of the world, and this is the key part for anyone thinking distance is a saving grace.

I have been drugged twice, ignored. First time by own nephew (son of Psychopath) who told me he had drugged me to get truth about alleged abuse. My book was all over the internet and they thought maybe money. I had ignored (at my peril, being nice) the ban on the family and agreed to a reunion, with my son too. I was awoken by a maid in the hotel he had booked, at mid-day and he looked surprised to see me. I don’t think I was meant to wake up. He also has the genes, which also include sex/drug/alcohol addiction. That takes money.

His sister seems to be without the gene at this point; kind, loving, great mother, gentle. The psychopath put a wedge between them, lying to them both with separate stories. Ergo, she controls the entire family and their lives. I am sure she was in the hotel, but Police would not check her 4 passports.

My beloved home was attacked just after the false abuse allegations; basement door to garden axed off hinges and lying flat on lawnmower and the security door at top of stairs to living level also axed down. The front door lock was so old it was easy to break in and sash windows with no locks. Any 5-year-old could have got in in under 5 minutes. The Police urged me to move as alone with a child and clearly this was the work of a lunatic. I moved with a Police guard but those notes are missing!

She had always data-collected; had her crew imparting private information about me which then became a hit-list. I was sabotaged through landlords, local council, auctioneer stole my valuable 1750s American Chippendale-style desk, which came from the family of an American Civil War hero’s family directly into my father’s family. It was left to me in both parents’ Wills.

The book I had published was a non-fiction book about a missing ship, and based on the first-hand account by my father’s uncle. That was also stolen, on demand, and now she is claiming it is her book. My publisher dropped me thanks to the lies that I am a deviant; they went on to steal hundreds of copies of the book and are selling them online via agents, and could make between £90,00 and £1.2m. They also put the book out under several variations of my name, so I never get royalties. That is fraud, defamation, corruption, conspiracy plus many more crimes.

I had 2 storage units smashed up. She got in claiming to be me, no cctv and my life’s belongings taken; the second one was less, of course, and everything smashed up.

The social housing landlord admitted hacking my mobile, and indeed, all texts, contacts, etc. were lost. My laptop was hacked and I lost all AOL accounts, which lost me client details, testimonials, book on mind/body connection and so much more.

All attempts to resurrect, including being offered a Harley Street position, are sabotaged and it is impossible to recover and raise profile without risking other people.

The City Council created a £2,000 debt, which I produced receipts for; then it went to £4,000 and then to £6,000 and threat of prison. That has been dealt with but the stress involved is massive.

I went to my GP to log that I was in stress, and she falsely claimed it was my appendix surgery, which I have never had and on my demand for my notes, I was sent fake notes. I have the notes and letter of apology as proof. She also joined the social housing landlord in trying to get a ‘SUICIDE’ danger alert with mental team. I have never been depressed, and would never consider such a choice. It opened the door to an accident. I have letter from mental team confirming I am no danger to society or self.

The list goes on, but I have been threatened in public and a solicitor said he had £17,00+ of stocks of mine, stolen by a solicitor in the firm in 95 and he had died so they wanted to know what to do with them. They said I could not have the money and it was all entrapment and to distress. That violates Human Rights, several Articles, and they involved public (including an ex-landlord) in this farce, and this translates as false information from Psychopath being public gossip (slander/libel/disadvantage/malicious intent/fraud/conspiracy/corruption, etc., etc.) and leaves us vulnerable as it only takes one over-enthusiastic person to take matters into their own hands, for the safety of society.

We are the most benign, gentle, kind, empathetic, intelligent, people and our lives have already been taken in terms of quality. I am also a freelance, qualified, Coach and whilst drawn to Victim Coaching, do not yet consider myself a survivor; this is more a documentary of my demise.

The only thing I did right, on recently finding David Master’s site, is to document, document, document, driving the Police and everyone crazy as they find me now a figure of lunacy and also of comedy. Even the Court Staff when I was facing false debts from landlord, and fighting auctioneer, lost papers, altered Court Orders, withheld Witness Statements and openly laughed at my distress.

So, please be aware, if sudden debts appear or hacking etc. be sure to log it all and report it all, and KEEP IT ALL safely. Distance is no object to a Psychopath, and the Police actually are in the Cluster group, or, as I called it before finding this site, Vigilante Group.

I hold Police, the Psychopath’s Psychiatrist, landlord, auctioneer, solicitor, council and court staff, GP, all guilty should anything ever happen to my son and/or me. They have committed over 50 crimes which have gone un-investigated. It is a true horror story and it continues unabated with the corrupt solicitor trying to criminalise me. They are hiding their crimes behind me and now I step aside and let the light shine on them. The auctioneer was actually found ‘guilty’ in a Court for selling fake items, so crimes are a-plenty.

It is also interesting that the top careers for Psychopaths include medics (Psychopath and GP); Police; solicitor; sales (auctioneer); civil servants (Court staff, council staff, landlord staff). How well she picked her Cluster. Little do they know they are not thinking for themselves; their minds and actions belong to a Psychopath.


Parental Poisoning Psychopath

It is august of 2020. I was reading online and realized wow this is my story. Tons of survivors talk to me about how they survived a parent trying to end their life, with making it look like an accident or leaving them abandoned in places where they could be kidnapped, and others by poisoning.

This forum is mostly people dealing with more spousal psychopaths and not had the lifelong obsessions of the parent to target them for life. I was happy to see that this page though its home and is very direct of the plans the smear campign is.

The reason the smear campaign takes place is that it is so effective and the video that I just watched about it is amazing it is spot on.

Over the last few months, I realized that of course, not the whole police force is psychopaths I did not want the comment. I left to make it look like that and I hope it does not appear that way.

There is an article or two or one hundred that shows that the top ten jobs for psychopaths and also law enforcement is contained with psychopathic and narcissistic traits. It is well documented. It is not just my opinion, and if you have a psychopathic obsessed parent that wants you destroyed and falsely arrested and whatnot, then you pair that up with any other psychopath, especially that person with the abusive talents of using that pen to distort reality for the victim.

You could be the victim. This is an attempt on your life and here you are dealing with the one person that is supposed to be investigating and now he goes along with the false narrative.

I also realize that she found one person that was so afraid of her targeting him that in the hospital instead of reporting the poisoning he aided her by calling the police and telling them not to come and investigate that. In fact, he told them what pat wanted them to think.

So you have the officers that want to investigate and do the right thing and what she found in the hospital was someone so afraid of her admitting the poisoning that he did whatever she said for him to do.

You also mention that in your video too. I could tell how he ran out of the room and she went running behind him after confessing – no bragging – over and over how she did it,

I swore to myself him being a mandated reporter that he had to by law or ethics report that, and of course, don’t ever underestimate the fear that some men have of psychopathic females. He was older than her and frail and maybe she reminded him of a psychopathic female he had inside his own family but he did her bidding he was her puppet.

The sad thing for me and my child is that the intervention, the breaking of the decades of abuse by the psychopath would have ended that day.

There is no way, if this doctor admitted that she confessed to poisoning even if she tried spinning it to make herself out to be some kind of hero, it’s still a crime to poison someone so they end up in the hospital.

First, she tried saying it was suicide and when she was caught in so many lies she flipped it quickly like a good psychopath into well I drugged her but I did it on purpose to force her into the hospital so she can be committed. They won’t deny they did this or said this but they spin it to be the hero in the story.

You have my mother down pat, to a tee. Yes, and her name is pat. I call her Psycho-Pat. She is dangerous to me and anyone she makes her target. Her favorite targets are the females in the family including her own mother and myself and my daughter. She likes it, if she can separate us by using sick false narratives and lies, she can be killing two birds with one stone.

The sick thing is that she would have most likely ended my child’s life by now had she gotten her way with me. She has a taste for killing over how she used to kill my pets. She graduated to people.

She tried to kill me, and had she won and got away with it, she would have had more of a taste and would have gone after my child. Only after she was done destroying her heart and mind and ripping her soul apart by getting rid of me.

The attitude she portrays about me as is that I am not good to my child. When in fact the one that is the abuser is her. She projects her garbage onto me. Literally, she can bring up memories of things she did to me as a child at the same age and project that memory onto me, then says I did those things.

I have not ever even raised my voice to my child. I see no reason needed to ever hit a child. Yet pat did that to me regularly. She showed her hatred of females with her fists every day. Imagine having that scumbag trying to project her grotesque spirit and soul onto someone that is the exact opposite and people are believing her lies.

They are viewing her as the opposite of what she is, and they are viewing me as the opposite of what I really am. The punishment and hatred that she gets others to feel about me when she tells her stories of the abuse she did to me as a child. The hatred they wish I would be dead and not care who kills me. All these things really should be turned around onto her. That hate should be put back onto her. Since she is talking about her own memories of her being an abuser.

Those stories have nothing to do with my child those are memories that she is reliving from decades ago before my child was born before I could even have children. As a virgin child, she is making up these things as If I did them to my child and it’s her own memories she is discussing of herself.

One time, she tried getting my husband to have people deny me being allowed to speak to her, and she gave him a story to write down. I read this and said, “she did this to me I remember when she did this to me!” So, she is reliving a part of her life that she is remembering in vivid detail.

You can see how she loves thinking about those days. She lives for abusing children. She is after my little girl. She wanted me out of the way so she would be allowed to torment and abuse my own child.

She is dangerous and should be locked up for the rest of her life.

If they can get decades for poisoning attempted murder, I want her to go away for the maximum sentence, and I want more than ever to get a prosecutor or a detective that is so sick of the person that she is and how she manipulated and lied to police to do her bidding and do her dirty work.

I want people to hate her so much for how she ruined the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.

The police have her hook line and sinker.

I got her to confess in ten minutes. Why would a seasoned detective have a hard time getting her to confess to this crime? She was bragging.

This doctor I know says that there are some police officers who most likely became afraid of her. If they are not some of the abusers that end up getting hired and know you are the victim and want to keep you in the victim status. I think the rest of them don’t want to become the target of the psychopath either.

It is a life long obsession for my mother to end my life since I was her victim and I know the worst of her. I know the true her. Also, my brother does, and he would be an excellent witness in court to how crazy she is, but he was taught to be her fists as I grew older, and I could speak the hitting had to be transferred from her to someone else.

Anytime no one is abusive to me or my life is soaring and becoming better and better is when I get targeted by her the worse. The more support and the more help I seem to be getting the more outrageous and extreme the lying and abuse get.

The more insane the stories become and the more people she needs to gather to her side against me.

The downfall I feel that made the most abusive time in my life even compared to my childhood I have experienced more abuse from her living five states away since she has been directing my husband in what to do, what to say, how to poison me, when to poison me, what lies to tell the police, etc.

I have reports where the officer said the husband was on the phone with the mother in law, so I spoke to her and she said about the daughter “she’s mentally ill and we should commit her.”

Had I been told this the day she said this, I could have gotten proof from a psychiatrist that I have nothing wrong along those lines and the proof could have allowed me to press charges of slander and also get a protective order so she has to have no contact with me or anyone in my life or contact with any law enforcement.

She is not involved in my life for a reason. This also is very true what you said in the video and the page you wrote where they push who they are and project who they are onto the victim.

Since she is the one that needs to be locked up and committed they push that onto the victim.

The reality of life is, I am the calmest, level-headed, intelligent, caring, always contributing to society, helping others, and faithful to my church. I also used to help autistic kids, and I was a mental health case manager. I went to college when I had no contact with them for decades.

They came back into my life, not through me but through my husband, so they both were working alongside each other with her teaching him all her tricks on how to be the best psychopath that he could be.

They never would have wanted to see me destroyed or homeless before he met her. He would not have wanted to destroy his own life, his own credit, his own child, his own job, or his own home had he not been associated with her. He followed her lead, hook line and sinker, because like the devil she promised him great power and to be the “winner” and to completely dominate me.

That is what he wanted, total domination and destruction, and she gave him a new way to live. He loved learning how to destroy the mother of his child.

I was struggling, watching my husband become someone I did not know. I felt him hurting my child to get to me was the last straw, and I asked him to move out. I got a protective order and that is when the murder attempt happened. He was out of the house.

I had no idea they had been on the phone planning things together for years. I had no idea parents were even a threat to me. I had not been warned by the police of all the insane smearing and lies of my character was going on behind my back or I could have gotten a protective order once I proved she is calling them up or telling the police pure unadulterated lies about me.

The fact I was in the dark kept them in more power and the fact that the Fairfax police unfortunately only solve less than three percent of violent crimes committed where the rate of the country is about 21 percent. So compared to the rest of the country (this is from a book on Fairfax county police that I purchased on amazon that has all sorts of statistics). This county has the worst solving of violent crimes around. I am sure that almost all of the murders that are said to be suicides are going passed off as suicides since there are never any investigating.

In my case alone, I have had multiple times that the police could have found out they were being taken down a line of being hooked into following the lead of the psychopath.

When I got this protective order on my husband, this is the time you will most likely be killed or seriously harmed. In my case, I have so many motives for murdering me, yet nothing would have been investigated. I know that my case would not have been looked into and it was already written up as a suicide attempt, but they are adding in that I admitted it, It is so ridiculous since the entire hospital has me down as being unable to speak for literally days.

I was inside the hospital for longer than a week. This shows that this was not, as they were saying, I was sitting up, talking, I was fine, which is how they made it seem.

I could not make a sentence and I was attacked in the back of the ambulance, beaten up by the ambulance man over the 13 different lies she told about me.

Last year, I had not seen the report the ambulance guy wrote down. He wrote down four extra stories she gave to him, all of which could have been questioned and shown as pure lies by pat. They were writing down lies they more than likely knew were lies, and still he attacked me while I was crying. I was crying since I realized; my gosh my own mother tried killing me and here I am I did not die. But I could not speak my mind. I could not talk and no one would hand me a pencil or pen to try to write something for them. No one would help me tell them what I was trying to say.

The entire smearing of your character has such a profound effect on how others view you. Not one single person said she is trying to tell us something, let’s hand her a pen. I also was in and out of passing out until once I was at the hospital and felt safe and realized no one is going to care.

I let myself fall back out into the darkness. I was not asleep. I could not walk, talk, or do anything but try to heal from the attempt on my life. It literally took me days to get back to walking again. The entire time in the hospital she demanded that I be committed long term to a mental hospital. This is a control issue following if she could not kill me she wanted to maintain control over my life. Also, she wanted me to be separated from my child to ruin my heart and soul. She wanted to break me down and hurt me badly she wanted nothing but to ruin my life. and she got help.

They still have not arrested her and her crimes have continued on and on. I am writing over this and how things went down will be more in detail.

I have taken the steps to gather the reports and the lies, the twisted manipulations that both pat and her lackeys conjured up. And I am going forth to law enforcement, to bring it forward to them.

Am I afraid and concerned I will be shunned out of the place?

Absolutely. That is why I have gathered so much evidence and proof. I also have done some research and I realized only half of the police force are the 40-50 percent of domestic violence abusers (all Cluster B disordered are abusive to victims) so we have a 50 -50 chance if we call for help that

1. if we get one of the 50 percenters, we can be targets and be lied about more for the psychopath

2. the psychopath will just con and lie and control the minds of the police to take up their side

Naturally, they have dozens of false reports that the psychopath knows she gave over the phone repeatedly over the years as (false) proof of the victims “badness.”

3. the officer is uninformed and uneducated and or lazy and just wants to “fit in” and go “along with the crowd” and “not rock the boat” by doing some real investigating, or

4. you get an excellent officer, those 20 percenters that hate being lied to. They hate criminals. They hate others that try to destroy innocent lives and they want the truth to be told and arrest the hell out of that psychopath.

I realized after reading this that, yes, there are so many variables on why they would help lie on the report. I used to think they knew they were writing down lies about myself for years but now that I look, they are told just to document.

A book on amazon about this particular police force, and most in this area, they document and investigate nothing.

100 percent of the character assassinating comments by psychopathic pat could have been investigated and she should have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of the lying to police, whatever charge that is.

Two times she said that I had been arrested on such and such a week or some time ago, and they didn’t even look up their own records to see that the arrest was not even real. She made it up out of thin air to transmit hatred, distrust, and fake proof of my badness, and the reason that she should be believed and helped, and I should be lied about.

There is not one single doubt the report of the attempt on my life is a total lie since the hospital records discount the report in full. But I also am aware now, the doctor she had helping her lied for her to the police officer on the phone. When they called up to see if they needed to investigate this man, the doctor said to them, no don’t worry she sat up talking she was fine. And this man also had heard her confess over and over in the hospital 20 times and ran out of the room afraid of her. I think he did not want to become a target of her wrath and was afraid of her and did anything she said out of fear.

He even took an arrest that never happened and expounded on that arrest to perpetuate the hatred towards me so that anyone I told in the hospital that she admitted to the poisoning would care less.

That is what happens; they smear your character so badly that even if someone believed that they tried ending your life you would be viewed as being unworthy of being helped. Its a two-edged sword.

I hope to come back and give a report that she was arrested and jailed and that there were decent detectives and prosecutors that wanted to help and things went well for me. That is what I am praying and hoping for.

Please send good vibes my way that things will turn out legally, keeping her away from my life, and only arresting her is the only thing that will stop her


I’m Not a Victim of a Psychopath

This is a great attitude to have after having encountered a predatory psychopath, as it is a healthy headspace to be in as you move forward. You have been betrayed, abused, conned, and have certainly lost any combination of precious resources, time, attention, energy, financial, mental, physical, and spiritual health, and wellness. And for what?

For the benefit of a predatory psychopath who seeks to devour the resources of others with no the slightest regard for who they are sucking the life out of, and they will do anything, I mean ANY THING, to do it.

They don’t care if your rotting carcass is left in a ditch somewhere. In fact, they might like that very much, if it couldn’t be linked back to themselves, especially if it looked like suicide. And so many of them are very skilled at making their victims contemplate suicidal thoughts.

These predatory psychopaths only have one program that they run ad infinitum:

Get Everything You Want from Anyone You Can

If you have things he or she has no interest to him or her, you may be able to keep those resources, but be forewarned that even these things, if they can be used against you, may be lost in your predatory psychopathic encounter. And if the psychopath can use these otherwise unwanted or “safe” resources to convert them into something that they do want by another con or series of con games, then you will lose those resources as well.

I have seen the full scale of predatory psychopath victims, from those who have lost a little and were instantly aware of being the “mark” of a predatory psychopath’s scheme, and they were able to stop the process early on. I have also seen people lose everything. I mean EVERY THING, and left to die, with nothing.

It would be a predatory psychopath’s preference to drain you of all your resources, destroy any integrity or relationships that you might have had in your family and the community, and leave you with no way to survive and nothing to live for.

Being a “victim” of such a villain is not a sign of weakness. Though you may resist the thought of referring to yourself as a victim, it is without a doubt, the intention of this “evil” character to fully victimize you. (I put evil in quotes because that’s how prosecutors refer to them if they are known by the system to be predatory psychopaths).

Once I became aware of my predatory psychopathic entanglement, I refused to be the “victim” and took steps to prevent him from further victimizing me. I was confident that I could create a safe and secure environment around me and keep him from doing any further damage.

I was proud of my success in doing so. I maintained a good attitude, kept on living life, maintained a high level of security around myself, and ignored anything he would try to say or do, with confidence that if he could receive no response or energy from me, he would surely just fade away.

While all psychopaths are different and this tactic might work for most of them, this one was infuriated by my ability to neutralize his efforts, and that was when he declared war on me. He spent millions of dollars to discredit and defame me, vowed to destroy me, leaving me in prison, or dead.

So, he launched his campaign. Even with his best efforts, I was resilient, consistent, and firm. Unshaken and actually began to see his efforts as entertainment, as he tried to attack me in any way he could. I saw myself as bulletproof.

That was, until he turned his attacks against my family, friends, and anyone I had any association with.

As these people came to me with their horror stories, I was unable to calm them with, “but he’s just using smoke and mirrors to intimidate and frighten you,” it offered them no relief. They did not know who he was, as I did, and they were deeply concerned, and I tried to explain, they were more offended that it was clear that this was all my fault. That I had unintentionally unleashed the beast on them.

It left me no choice but to put myself back on the front lines and take him on mano a mano.

I would never suggest that anyone attempt to take a predatory psychopath on in a full-frontal attack because, if yours is a masterful one, you, everything, and everyone you care about will suffer the consequences of the assertion of your bravery.

But I felt I had no choice.

As I re-engaged with my psychopath, he immediately stopped attacking everyone else in my circle of influence and refocused all of his efforts on me once again.

I was fortunate enough to complete the battle on top. Again, I would caution anyone to not attempt to take on a predatory psychopath.

I was blessed to be able to exit the battle with very few war wounds (some still remain) and he was forced to fake his death (which he did masterfully) and change his identity (once again).

But the good news is, while he supposed to be dead (just the idea of it gives thousands of victims a sense of peace), he can no longer directly attack me or my people without revealing that he is not dead.

So, all things work out for good.

But I would be wary about ever thinking that I, or anyone else, should take a psychopathic predator on, to teach him or her a lesson.

This has been the knee-jerk reaction of many a victim who has regretted it in the end.

The general rule of thumb is:

Do Not Engage in Combat with a Psychopath


6 Steps to Stop a Psychopath

I set out to make a three-minute video with the basics of how to deal with a psychopath in an effort to help more people than the victims who managed to make their way into my office. Thankfully, victims of predatory psychopaths are more rare than you might think, on the other hand, they are also more common, but they are separated by social culture and geography.

I thought my video, if I could do it well enough, would be able to help people quickly identify and take proactive action to protect themselves from further being victimized by the psychopath.

I failed to achieve the three-minute target. The best I could do was ten-minutes. Here is the video:

I felt good about the final, still short, video about having given people enough tools to identify a potential psychopath and take action.

When I released this short film, I also was introduced by the idea that haters abound on the Internet, and they will attack you publicly if you try to do something meaningful, good, and from the heart. Following my initial shock of being attacked by haters and psychopaths for releasing the short, I settled into the knowing that even they are only doing the best they can, and I stopped taking their attacks personally.

My feelings were hurt, at first, just like anyone’s would be (that’s the response the haters want to initiate because they get an emotional hit, a thrill, from having an emotional impact on others, and there’s no better way to do it, than anonymously via the Internet).

By day, these might be normal factory or government workers who feel like they are not appreciated, their efforts are disregarded, they are underpaid, overworked, or even abused by management, and when they get home, lashing out at others via the World Wide Web gives them a sense of relief.

This was not the first time I was attacked via social media, so I should have seen it coming.

Since then, I have helped others who have stepped out in faith, baring their souls, recover from the onslaught of haters. It is a thing. Try not to take it personally, because it really has very little to do with you. Treat them just as you would a psychopath; do not respond or try to defend yourself, as that will only fuel their fire of viciousness.

Don’t let them drag you into their web of drama by responding to any false accusation they’ve made. I know when someone falsely accuses you, you want to defend yourself, but don’t do it. And if one of your friends reads their ridiculous accusatory post and questions you about it, don’t respond to them either. If you respond to your friend at all, just say, “You should know me better than that.”

If you do not respond, the haters don’t get the thrill, and they will move on to someone else who they can get riled up.

6 Steps to Stop a Psychopath

While you may not be able to stop a predatory psychopath from victimizing others, you can stop the victimization and/or abuse that you are suffering by following these six steps.

  1. No Contact

  2. Get Help

  3. Be Quiet

  4. Stay Strong

  5. Documentation

  6. Forgive you

No Contact

The first thing you want to do is to not have any contact with them. “No contact,” means no contact. Cut them off, insulate and isolate yourself from immediately, once you have identified your psychopath.

Don’t try to negotiate, have a rational conversation, or intervention with your psychopath, you will only be wasting your breath and they will use any attempt you make to rectify the situation with even more victimization. Don’t do it.

They will take any opportunity to draw you back in, so they can re-abuse you, and it will be worse the next go-round.

Block them. Block them from everything. Get a protection order. There is a legal piece of paper that you can get from your local courthouse which is referred to as a “No Contact” order. Once the judge signs it, and it has been served, if the psychopath contacts you, you can call 911 and have him or her arrested.

The predatory psychopath will say or do anything to pull you back in, to further victimize you, as long as you still have something, they can take from you. Once they’ve wiped you out of everything, even your will to live, you become meaningless to them, and they move on to the next victim.

Get Help

This is not the kind of thing that you are likely to navigate in a vacuum.  It is extremely advantageous to seek out assistance, being sure to get the help that you can, while you search for more qualified help. Dealing with a psychopath is tricky business, and you want someone who is experienced in this area, like a psychopath victim recovery coach. Avoid seeking help from individuals who may be connected to your psychopath in any way.

Be Quiet

Be quiet about your troubles and interactions with your psychopath. Do not speak about it to family or friends. Why? Number 1: Because the average person who has not been victimized by a psychopath will have no idea what you are going through, and the stories that you would tell – as true as they are – will be unbelievable to someone who doesn’t know any better.

Plus, from people who don’t understand, they are likely to give you really bad advice. They might say something like, “If it were me, I’d beat him with a baseball bat, and drag his bloody carcass through the streets, for all the world to see.” It’s really easy to take on a Clint Eastwood persona, when everything you learn is from TV and the movies. They have no idea what your psychopath is capable of.

Stay away from these reckless individuals, at least while you are trying to establish safety, security, and a healing environment for yourself.

Number 2: Most importantly, your psychopath will be infiltrating your family and friends, will be turning your words and actions around to make you look bad, sick, violent, or even insane. If compromised, your family, friends, and coworkers will be undercover spies for your abuser, collecting and reporting what you say and do to him or her behind your back, while they appear to be caring and compassionate to your face.

Talking about your experience must only be done in a safe environment to people you can trust.

Stay Strong

This is the time to establish your own independence. Set boundaries. Build a fortress around your heart and yourself to protect you from any further victimization. If your psychopath is not finished with you, he or she will say or do anything to woo you back into the fold so that you can be further victimized.

It will take a lot of inner strength to see this through, and you have all the strength within you that you will need. How do I know? Because if it were anyone else, they would have been dead by now.

You are stronger than you think, and you have everything you need inside you. Keep yourself safe and secure, using the resources which are available to you.

This will not be easy, but you can do it.


My favorite is to document everything. This is really the only solid tool that you have, and I don’t care what your doctor, psychiatrist, or law enforcement has to say about it, document everything.

It may not make sense now, the Sheriff or police officer might roll their eyes as you make yet another report about someone who they think is not a bad guy. They might say under their breath, as you approach them, “Oh, jeeze, here comes that paranoid, crazy person who has it out for that poor guy again.”  Don’t let them dissuade you. Do it anyway.

You may need this data in the future, because if you find yourself having to tangle with this predator in court, where he or she might be facing prison time, he or she will do everything they can to turn it around on you, and get you thrown in prison.

In law enforcement, it is said, “If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.” So, document everything and report incidents as they happen, if you can.

When I was in the process of documenting everything, hundreds of things started happening to me, and I reported as many of them as I could, and in most cases, it could have never been proved that Richard did these things or had them done. So, the authorities started to think I was a nut-job, but I continued to report them as they happened when I could. I wasn’t leaving without a report number.

On one instance, I reported my break lines being cut, and there were rumors spread by Richard accusing me of doing things to myself in an effort to frame him. Don’t let these things get to you. These people can’t help it, if they don’t know any better. Keep documenting.

Every once in a while, you might accidentally end up with proof to back up one of you (previously thought of as “crazy” reports) thanks to unintentional third-party intervention (thank heaven for 7-11 surveillance videos).

Forgive You

You must have grace and compassion for yourself. Be willing to forgive yourself, first and foremost, for any part that you may have played, as you were being played by the predatory psychopath.

It’s easy to beat yourself up and blame yourself for getting into this psychopathic entanglement but be steadfast in your knowing that you were not at fault here. You were stalked and attacked by a cunning predator hell-bent on your destruction.

These six steps are not complete, by any means, but if you have fully engaged in the second step, the “get help,” this assistance will help to fill in the gaps of anything other steps you might need to take which are specific to your situation and your psychopath.

I would never devalue your being victimized by a predatory psychopath. On the contrary, your victimization is a blessing. Not in the moment, by any means. But the world needs empowered survivors or psychopathic abuse to help others, and to raise awareness in both counseling and law enforcement communities about the realities of this segment of our society.

Most people are forever wounded and afraid of ever speaking or doing anything about the subject, and who could blame them?

But you may be one of those who were called to fight the good fight, and help others who need someone who knows what they are going through.

You, and only you, could be hugely supportive to someone who is feeling as though they are drowning in psychopathic trauma, because you know what it’s like. You’ve been there, and you’ve come out on the other side of it. This can give someone else who is suffering or suicidal tremendous hope.

In this way, your psychopathic experience could be considered a “gift” one day, as you go on to live a better life, your best life, and even help to make the world a better place.

You might even like to become a Certified Psychopath Victim Recovery Coach.

David M Masters

I’ve been coaching and training my whole life, since high school, and I didn’t really think there were bad people out there. I was very shocked when the universe threw me into a situation where I was face to face with a psychopath. As much as I hate to go there, I heard law enforcement, judges, attorneys, and prosecutors saying that these people are actually defined as being “evil.”

I don’t know if I necessarily agree with that, but maybe, the fact that they have no conscience, some people say, “They have no soul,” maybe they are. You wouldn’t question someone’s being “evil” in the extreme. We’ve heard stories about people who have abducted people, cut them up, and put them in the freezer. That would definitely be an extreme and we would consider that person as being evil.

Most victims of psychopaths don’t even know they’re a victim of a psychopath until it’s too late. Because these are very charming individuals, they can really get under your skin. They are the people that we love on the one hand, until they have shown their true colors, and then, it’s debilitating.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of good training out there for counselors and therapists. Before twenty years ago, if you came into my office, you’d have been in the same boat. Back in the day, if you came into my office and said, “I’m being attacked by a psychopath!” I would respond with, “Oh, really? Let’s sit down and talk about this.”

I’d lead with questions, like, “Why do you think this person is a psychopath?” and, “Why do you feel like you’re being attacked?” You know the routine, right? Because it was the furthest thing from my mind, that there were really people out there like that. As if it’s obviously a misconception of some kind.

And especially if someone said they were married to one, in business with someone, or related to one, like my brother, my aunt, my uncle.

How could that even be?

I don’t live in a world like that. In my world, which revolves around the people I love, like my kids. I have a son who is a cybersecurity specialist, a daughter who is an actress, who was just in two movies which were released back to back, Ecco and Friday the 13th Vengeance. (I know, she’s Seattle’s scream queen. When we see her on-screen she’s usually screaming, or covered in blood). Then there’s my other daughter who had her own punk rock band, is an artist in multiple disciplines, and works with the Girl Scouts of America. They have blessed me with a host of grandchildren, and I love these guys more than anything.

When I’m dealing with a psychopath and the psychopath attacks me, that’s one thing. But if he goes after these guys, my people? It’s a different thing. It’s on, like Donkey Kong.

Psychopathy is a spectrum. A psychopath on the left side of the spectrum is going to drive down the street, see a rodent crossing the road, and swerve toward it (bump, bump), and reward himself with a little giggle about doing so. On the other end, you ‘ve got people in the freezer.

It is a broad-spectrum, with any possibility between those two extremes. The people who I work with; are dealing with predatory psychopaths on the dark side of the spectrum, which are on the right side but a bit to the left of the extreme.

There is a lot of them, but there might not be as many as you might think. If you’ve been victimized y a psychopath, your friends probably have not. So, they have no frame of reference. They think you’re being ridiculous.

Just like, it took me fifteen years to find out there were people out there, like this. I didn’t run across any first-hand. I didn’t even know. You just do the best you can with what you have.

~David M Masters

Different Kinds of Psychopaths

Just as there are all kinds of individuals, no two predatory psychopaths are the same, and some of them have specializations. They subscribe to a certain type of victimization which they have found works very well for them. While their crimes against others may vary, they will often share similar characteristics. Some examples are:

  • abusive psychopath
  • animal abuse psychopath
  • child abuse psychopath
  • con artist psychopath
  • controlling psychopath
  • criminal psychopath
  • educational psychopath
  • elder psychopath
  • embezzler psychopath
  • exploitative psychopath
  • financial psychopath
  • illicit substance psychopath
  • imposter psychopath
  • intimidation psychopath
  • leadership psychopath
  • lover psychopath
  • manipulative psychopath
  • masquerading psychopath
  • military psychopath
  • pathological liar psychopath
  • political psychopath
  • religious psychopath
  • romantic psychopath
  • serial killer psychopath
  • sexual psychopath
  • storyteller psychopath
  • thief psychopath
  • verbally abusive psychopa9th
  • violent psychopath
  • vulnerability psychopath

Interestingly in the State of Washington, where I reside, thanks to Richard and other predatory victimizers, there is a new State extension of law enforcement which focuses on the protection of vulnerable adults.

Predatory psychopaths are always on the lookout for fresh meat, so to speak, and elder adults who are not as sharp as they once were make excellent and easy prey. And, if they’re anything like Richard W Bennett, they will clean you out of everything you have, if given the chance.

Internet Weapons for Psychopaths

There is growing concern around the world about how predatory psychopaths use technology to run con games, manipulate and control people, and exert their revenge on their squirming victims. It is an issue that is very present in the minds of law enforcement and even at this advanced stage is still hard to get a handle on.

And it’s not just the psychopaths using these new technologies, it’s all kinds of predators, criminals, mentally unstable, and even pedophiles are using emerging technologies and social media to recruit, groom, and exploit their victims.

Catch Me If You Can

Have you ever seen the film, “Catch Me If You Can,” with Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks? I have been asked so many times if this film was about conman Richard W Bennett and Detective James Clarkson. While it is not the case, at all, many see the similarities between Di Caprio’s character, Frank Abagnale, and Bennett’s real-life exploits.

I haven’t said two words about him in public until now. I’ve never mentioned him.

Richard W Bennett

This is the guy that opened my eyes to the reality of psychopathy. I testified against him in a trial that led to his incarceration for elder abuse.

There was a vulnerable adult in our community who had been a newspaper carrier his whole life. This gentleman was well-known and revered throughout the community and we all gave him a nod of approval anytime we saw him delivering papers or collecting cans.

Even with his mental and emotional challenges, he had amassed a respectable retirement nest egg for himself to live out his elder years, which he was clearly in the midst of in his late-seventies.

Richard W Bennett (his name at the time) befriended this vulnerable adult, becoming his “best friend” and financial consultant, and proceeded to take him for everything he had, leaving him homeless and penniless. While Richard lived in the lap of luxury, buying exotic cars, and illicit drugs, living the high life, spending this sensitive man’s money as fast as he could.

That was when I met Richard, Detective James Clarkson, FBI Agent Joe Lurf, and subsequently testified for the State in the case against Bennett.

At that moment he declared war against me, and swore he would do anything he could, sparing no expense, to destroy me, my family, turning anyone I knew against me, and put me behind bars. His last words to me, made from a phone call from a holding cell at the County Jail, were, “You’re lucky right now, because it’s me inside here instead of you, but your days are numbered.”

I calmly replied, “You are hereby notified, never to contact me again. We are done here.” And I hung up the phone, while I heard him raise his voice and say, “Wait…” (click). I was done, but he had only begun.

He announced his death with the cooperation of his brother, Robert Paul Bennett, on October 12, 2015.

Victims of Psychopaths Event

If you’ve experienced trauma at the hands of a predatory psychopath, then you need to take action now to set yourself free from the terrorization of the psychopath who is abusing you.

It must stop now.

Once you have distanced yourself enough and have carved our safe and sacred space to do your deep inner work, healing can occur, and freedom is available to you.

I know there is little that is more unsettling than suffering at the hands of a predatory psychopath, sociopath, or toxic narcissist, but there is hope, and we are here for you.

It might be helpful for you to reach out to others who have “been there,” because no one who has not walked in the shoes of a victim of a psychopath could have any idea what is really going on.

You can attend an event, like this one (and you could attend remotely, by watching it on a Facebook Live stream).



October 19th, 2019, Olympia Center

Admittance: FREE

FREE EVENT. Open to all victims of predatory psychopaths, sociopaths, or toxic narcissists. Take control of your life, stop the abuse and victimization. Disarm the predator, get your life back, and heal from the trauma from your psychopathic encounter.

Schedule of events:

Full Spectrum Victim Recovery

9:00 a.m.

Class Description: If you feel victimized by life, this attitude will continually create more experiences of victimization.

Mark and Lynetta will lead you through 3 interactive exercises to bust the victim game and reclaim your power. When you transcend Victim Games, you become Victorious in your life and begin the new game of empowered creation.

Instructors: Mark Siedler & Lynetta Avery

PTSD Recovery

9:45 AM a.m.

Class Description: We will learn what PTSD is, as well as signs and symptoms of PTSD in adults as well as children. We will explore some positive ways of coping with PTSD and its fears and anxiety.

Instructor: Wendy Lynn Johnson

Dealing with Toxic People

10:30 AM a.m.

Class Description: Toxic people are everywhere, and they’re here to stay. You may not be able to escape them completely, but there are simple tricks that you can use to overcome their toxic behavior. Learn how to come out on top in a confrontational situation without stooping to their level. Take steps to repel psychopaths at every level in your life. And develop the ability to set your life on the right foundation to stand tall above toxicity at every level.

Instructor: Daniel Mark Schwartz

How to Deal with a Psychopath

11:45 a.m.

Class Description: Predatory psychopaths are the most harmful members of society, and fortunately 90% of Americans never encounter the dark side of the psychopath who lives and operates on the dangerous end of the antisocial personality disorder spectrum. Often confused with the narcissistic sociopath, the predatory psychopath will drain the life, finances, and any other resources he or she may access, leaving the victim broken and broke. Early detection with a simple psychopath test, and protecting yourself right now can help.

Instructor: David M Masters


Event Location: Olympia Center, Rm 200, 222 Columbia St NW, Olympia, WA 98501

Visit St. Paul’s Free University for more information.


You may wonder why you would allow yourself to be victimized by such a cunning predator, or why “God” would allow this to happen to you.

The answer may be:

You were strong enough to endure the experience


You were called to help others who are suffering right now

And your unique experience qualifies you more than anyone else to help victims of psychopaths have hope of recovering from their loss and psychopathic trauma.

I am looking for people, just like you, to help others to heal from severe psychopathic abuse.

Please contact me if you would like to help others in the fight against the relentless abuse and trauma permeated by predatory psychopaths.

Religious Psychopaths

I have delayed putting anything “out there” about my religious clients for a long time who have suffered from spiritual abuse from religious psychopaths. This is the most highly confidential and personal work that I do with any individual.

The reason for the delay is because I began my journey in the ministerial sciences. I love the religious components of my spiritual journey and have continued to grow and change without having to abandon my own connection with the Creator(s) and thrive.

When you’ve been victimized by a religious psychopath, something to keep in mind is that just because we’ve used the label of “psychopath” for this type of spiritual predator, drop the need to qualify the diagnosis. Don’t be distracted by the highly educated keepers of the “official diagnosis” (which is often very complicated and can take weeks, if not months, to reach an accurate diagnosis).

Let go of the need to get an official diagnosis and do not be distracted by the “professional” who might dissuade you from taking action until you get an official diagnosis. Just stop.

If you’re a victim of spiritual abuse

Stop it.

Only a psychopath would insist that you stay in a toxic, abusive, and potentially dangerous situation while someone else satisfied their intellectual need to properly qualify a specific diagnosis.

Religious psychopaths are out there, and they are manipulating unwitting victims using religion or “God” as a weapon to subjugate followers to their own twisted ends satisfying their desire to dominate subjects, followers, or members.

They do so by wielding the most effective tools bestowed by The Creator of all that has been, is, and ever will be, but twist and distort the data to create an environment of fear, demanding the full submission of slavery, “or else.”

This god-like power has nearly unlimited potential in the hands of a religious psychopath which can be used for public “good works” to justify their position but can also be used for evil behind closed doors.

The result is spiritual slavery of otherwise healthy individuals who suffer from emotional abuse and a wide variety of traumatic effects which can be debilitating, rendering the victim hopeless, afraid, and trapped (spiritually imprisoned). This is not the work of God, this is

Spiritual Terrorism

If any religious person is committing acts of “evil” under the so-called protection of an ultimate endorsement of “God Almighty,” of you have a problem with referring to such a person as a religious psychopath, forget about that label, and consider him or her a

Toxic Religious Leader

And take action to protect yourself as soon as possible.

Refer to my, “How to Deal with a Psychopath,” and separate yourself from the individual. Do whatever it takes (and trust me, you will not be “struck by lightning” or die). The fear you have of protecting yourself is not real. It has been sewn into the fabric of your consciousness by the psychopath or toxic religious leader.

Seek help, find someone you can trust, join a group, and get yourself to a safe place in your life.

There’s a good chance that your religious psychopath has a team of dedicated followers who will do just about anything to get you back into the toxic prison. Do not fall for their intimidation tactics. This is not the time to negotiate with the psychopath’s team. Separate yourself from them as well. Your chief concern is your personal and spiritual safety.

Your religious or spiritual abuse recovery will not be instantaneous, but removing yourself from your religious psychopath’s prison of abuse is the first step.

Above all, remember this: God is love. In fact, it’s been said, “Love is all you need.”

God loves you, does not desire to enslave you. God wants you to be living your best life, desires to bestow upon you all the gifts and joy that comes from a life lived within God’s grace, free from any terrorism or abuse, spiritual, or otherwise.

Far too many people who have been the victim of spiritual terrorism have turned their back on God, blaming God for the actions of religious psychopaths.

Just because a terrorist commits horrible acts “in the name of God,” does not mean that God has anything to do with the evil acts committed by such a toxic individual who is beyond help. He or she will do whatever they will, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, but you can get out of their way.

You do not need to participate in their evil plots.

Get yourself free and continue your relationship with God, discover who or what God is for yourself and what that means for you and your life, on your own terms.

Once you have broken free from the chains of the religious psychopath, you can continue your spiritual journey realizing that you now know the difference between religious enslavement and God’s unconditional love, which is the power of all life.

Remember also, unlike what you may have been told previously, you cannot do God wrong.

Then you can continue to grow and expand to achieve your highest and best, live a better life, your best life and make the world a better place.

Copyright © 2019 David M Masters.

Case Study: Psychopathic Spin

Sydney, Australia: I worked a late night shift with a subcontractor who seemed to be really friendly and slightly eccentric. He told me he was a 34-year-old virgin. He acted like he really liked me and wanted to go on a date with me. I stayed at his house (didn’t sleep with him) and he showed me his camera he had rigged up to the entrance to his block of flats. It fed to his home office. He wanted to be my boyfriend, and I was quite happy about that. I didn’t see the warning signs – like the time he rolled his eyes at the person on the phone while his voice was being super nice. I told him he didn’t need to pretend or lie to them, just be straight with them. He kept acting like he liked me and I forgot it. He invited me to go overseas with him for part of his holiday trip. The “relationship” lasted three weeks. Three days before he left he said it was “too dangerous” for me to go with him.

What a weird and out of character thing to say.

What I didn’t know was that he was a psychopath. He was documenting me. He had only pretended to be interested in me, and had taken note of everything I had shared in order to use it against me.

He knew that suddenly dumping me via email like that would mean I would have to try to contact him – because we’d be working together on his return, so we’d have to sort out whatever the problem was. I didn’t undertand why the sudden change and I did the logical thing and tried to contact him. He documented/logged every attempt.

He used small seeds of fact to embellish and twist into misleading half-truths and exaggerations. Using that method he could paint an untrue picture of me.

I still didn’t know any of this was going on, it was behind my back I had no idea. Very underhanded. Innocently I just thought he must be very inexperienced with relationships and not understand that if you break up, it is OK – you can still talk to each other and work together. Just be normal.

All the while behind my back he was slandering me to my bosses and colleagues and I had no idea. To this day I don’t know what he said to them.

The first day he returned I was mysteriously taken off my shift at work, and I didn’t know why. I tried to talk to him as others at work had hinted he might be the reason.

I got no response, but was told I’d be put back on the shift. After a couple of months when it didn’t look like I’d be put back on my shift and when Human Resources insisted there was no problem, I took flowers to his flat to try to talk to him.

psychopathic-character-assassinationI buzzed the buzzer and he told me to wait, he’d be down in a minute. So I waited, innocently thinking this was great, we’d have a cup of tea, and sort out whatever the issue was. I waved at his special camera he had rigged up to say hello. I was amazed how easy it was! After 10 minutes of waiting I buzzed again and asked if he was coming down. He said just to give him a second he was in the middle of something. So I waited another 10 minutes before realising he wasn’t coming down. A kind person let me leave the flowers inside (the public area of the flats – just away from the cold thoroughfare where they’d be damaged) and I went home in despair.

What he was in the middle of, was making a video of me standing there innocently waiting for him to come down and talk to me. He took that CD to the local police and lied. He said he was in fear of his life, that I was stalking him etc and convinced them to take out an AVO Application, which he dropped the day it was to go to court. So he never got an actual AVO, and the application would have been rejected as baseless had it ever been heard – but it didn’t matter. The damage was done. The dirty accusations were all over my police file. Every fact he’d ever collected on me was there but twisted and misrepresented until it was something completely different to reality. I never got a chance to explain to the court what had happened. Nobody ever heard my side.

I tried for years to get the dirt off my police file to no avail. Anyone can smear anybody else in Australia as long as they have a seed of fact to present at the local station (like a video footage of someone standing holding flowers for 20 minutes). It’s very easy because the police keep database files on everyone and they don’t have to delete anything or have any of the information proven to be true. Any allegations go straight on there. I couldn’t even get a fair hearing as police fight tooth and nail against anything that might be seen as questioning anything they do. Doesn’t matter that they’ve got lies in their system they’ll fight to the death to prevent anyone correcting it.

Fact vs Psychopath SpinSo your table in the article with “Fact” and “Psycopath spin” is true – this is what happens. Only it is more devastating when it is less exaggerated and more realistic.

Eg: Fact: You called the psychopath (and asked them if they didn’t want to work with you any more, which you had to do to know whether or not to go to Human Resources).

Psycopath spin: You called (and “threatened them”).

The psycopath who did this to me knew about that police data system. I suspect he told similar lies to the workplace and thus got me off my shift. It took a really long time to find out.

I went on to work for the same company in another state, but I’d never work back at that workplace again.

Nobody ever told me the truth or even that it was happening. It is very confusing when you are the only one in the dark and people are character assassinating you behind your back.

To say it was devastating is an understatement. Like your site suggests, the psycopath won. They always win, because they have the advantage of knowledge and you are the one that is blindsided.

You cannot win. You don’t have the information. It is hard for you to get proof. They have been collecting on you for months and you had no idea.

The best you can do is try to recognise them early and don’t let on you know. Document what they do because otherwise they will destroy you. In my case, talking to human resources did no good at all because he’d obviously gone behind my back made up a story and told them it was private and confidential so i never even knew.

The terrifying thing for me is he has turned up at functions where my brother has been and was seen whispering to his companion who turned around and took photographs. Even my family is not safe from this reputation-destroying predator.

Letter to a Pair of Psychopaths

Dear cocksucker and cockroach

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy you both entered my life.

pair of psychopathsLet’s start with you, cocksucker. So young and naive when I began seeing you at the young age of 20 that I didn’t believe I could possibly fall in love with an embarrassing, rude and idiotic fuckwit like you. Having never fallen in love before I thought I could practice sex on someone I didn’t regard and eventually walk away to find a real man. But how wrong I was, and the subsequent abuse and torment I endured for the next two years is a testament to how deeply I could love. I always fought back good…..but could never beat you. Foolishly, I always ended up believing your fake remorse and forgiving you for the physical and emotional acts of torture you carelessly inflicted. Your method – Idealise, devalue, discard. Over and over again.

How many tears I shed, and how many nights I drove at full speed all alone, screaming at the top of my lungs in vain attempts to release myself from the agony you frequently inflicted. I was a mad woman, yes I went fucking crazy, but that was all your doing.

The day I finally left your sorry ass, 27 January 2007, I walked away physically defeated from yet another physical altercation. Though mentally, victory was finally mine. In preparation for this day I had spent two months building my strength and seeing you not as a confused and remorseful soul – but as the evil you are. I was no longer fooled. As I got into my car with clumps of hair falling out at the slightest tug, I stared you straight in the eyes, and I reckon you knew I wasn’t coming back. I remember the look of desperation in your eyes. And you hid in your bedroom like a bitch when my sister came to your house with a baseball bat an hour later. Such a coward.

I said to myself never again will I be that fool. Never again will I suffer at the hands of an evil man. I thought I was aware of what warning signs to look out for. I had two very wonderful and loving relationships after you. But almost a decade later encountered a new breed of pig I had never experienced before…. And the warning signs I was prepared for never came. But you and he are one and the same. Psychopathic predators, cocksuckers, cockroaches.

This lesson started at 28. The cockroach was 36 years old at the time. I guess my loneliness at the time attracted this leech. You see, I’d spent 5 years of my 20’s in wonderfully loving relationships….and I’d been single for a year….hardly even dated. I grew bored and lonely, and in walked in Mr Cockroach. Great attraction, I wanted fun. But I got more than I bargained for.

We got along just fine, he was overly kind and considerate in my home and towards me, so I guess I dismissed my uneasiness to be related to the casual arrangement we had, since it was a new experience for me. All my senses led me to realise he was very promiscuous and a frequent liar….which didn’t fly with me. So after a few months I walked away after catching him in yet another lie. He came back a month or so later and because of the bullshit “connection” I felt and he faked I was able to forgive him. Things appeared to become more intense and feelings grew far stronger for me anyway….though I wasn’t sleeping with him because I was waiting to feel safe emotionally.

He persisted for months, with me occasionally succumbing to my physical urges. When my uneasiness wouldn’t settle I attempted to sever the pseudo-relationship, which only caused him to intensify his efforts, proclaiming his love on many occasions….which only kept me emotionally mixed up. You see I couldn’t see his evil because outwardly he was very polite to me…..I guess because he didn’t yell or call me names or hit me, I was fooled into thinking he was fundamentally good inside……despite his frequent lies, his occasional punishment through stonewalling me or ignoring me when I spoke my mind or tried to assert boundaries.

He played a covert game….he “loved” me with a knife behind his back. At this point I guess the cockroach would have felt a total loss of control, he did express how rejected he felt on a few occasions, and I empathised and offered explanations to validate his self esteem that at the time I felt genuinely responsible for. I was so worried and consumed by the situation that it took me weeks to slowly discover I was being followed through a gps in my car, that he hacked my phone, put a listening device in my bedroom vent, and under my kitchen table…..then he or his desperate drug addicted friends would spend hours throwing bbq heat beads at the roof over various parts of mine or my mum’s house…..follow me in various cars that I later learned he kept hidden in his other double garage which belongs to his dad. He would jump fences and shine torches in my back yard when I was home alone at night. Knock on my front door then run away at 2am to scare me. Prank call my mums house every week when I went there for dinner. Staked out my ex fiancés house and bombarded his house phone with pranks…and god knows what else he did. And I knew it was the cockroach because I saw no one else. This went on for months.

My support system including family and long time friends and my ex helped me through the madness I was once again driven to.

You see I didn’t realise I had remained so naive despite the lessons at age 20 because I had never experienced intimate evil cloaked by such a mask of kindness and generosity.

I’m so glad I know now. I am finally prepared for the real world. I am so happy to be free from these experiences, so grateful for the heart I have that will get to love fully again one day. The only thing that saves my self esteem is finally understanding that they won’t experience love with the next girl, or anyone. That took me a long time to believe. Their punishment is never feeling the real joy of falling in love, understanding someone else’s pain, or feeling any other real emotion. A psychopath only feels shallow emotions or mimics those they see, which is why good people believe them. That’s sad I guess, but right now I just feel relieved at my salvation and the daily karma they get purely by living a hollow existence.

Here goes…..I forgive you both for all the pain you inflicted, every anguished moment you caused, and every tear I shed. I forgive you both.

Yours never,
Elated and fucking free.