Psychopath Runs Court, Police From Other Side of the World


Penny J Darby-Smith

I sincerely hope this devastating story will alert other victims to the lengths a Psychopath will go to in order to secure the result for the victim of being ‘arrested, sectioned and dead’; the Psychopath mantra. The Hate Crimes are too many to list, but are daily, sometimes hourly.

My Psychopath is my half-sister, who inherited the genes from her father, a charismatic, dangerous man.

This child went on to be a very dangerous person, but blonde, pretty and nearly 6’ tall, she was able to swan through life with impunity; a life full of planned attacks on many people, but mostly focused on my father and me.

My mother got the big smile and false respect to keep her onside. She went on to hasten her mother’s death, within hours of solicitor-firm’s arrival; she recognised the person at the door, as she had been to see the solicitor before announcing her arrival to us. That proves premeditation as she wanted to recognise anyone from the office. Also, she told her mother she had a black outfit and was in a hurry. She physically and emotionally tortured her. She was a foot taller and threw her around until I was able to hide my son and moved over there immediately to save my mother. My mother’s cries for help to Police failed to remove this danger. We were both scared, as is outlined clearly in her solicitor’s notes.

She had also appeared from Australia in 2001 to drop the bombshell that she had been abused from ages 5 – 20 but had forgotten! She said she remembered when she read an article about someone who sued a dead person for abuse. We lived in a small home and played on a smallish sailing boat, so any abuse would have been obvious. She was sexually promiscuous early on and would try and upset me with stories of sex; also, her love of watching patients die; trying to upset me with seeing the lights go out in their eyes. I was a sensitive child and would run off crying – a buzz for any Psychopath.

Sadly, in Antipodes, it was big business claiming damages from a dead person’s estate. In UK that did not apply, but she tried to sue her own mother for damages and money to keep it secret.

My mother banished her and her family forever and sent her packing; far from keeping quiet, she told everyone about it and all agreed her daughter had gone rogue. From my perspective, as I sat there listening to the vile sex stories, I knew it was just her sex-addiction talking. She had always loved talking sex to shock people and feed off their reactions. It continues to this day. She knew that we knew it was all lies (even decades out and wrong houses etc.!) but her excitement was unstoppable.

The Psychopath returned in 03 on hearing her mother was ill. I am very keen on Complementary Medicine, at the top level, and it had saved my own life, and we had also got my mother through serious illness and so we knew we could get her through this illness. (I have proof of her cure with medical notes from her oncologist) and upon the arrival of the banished daughter, my mother called the Police in desperation. They were no use at all and fell for the lies. Not for the first time. A relative of mine was stabbed to death on his doorstep, in front of his brother, who were running from a gang, run by Psychopathic leader; son of a senior Police Officer! This could raise the family numbers to a massive 4, thanks to the ignorance of those who presume and assume others to potential death. So this family has not fared well at the hands of the Police, at all.

I am writing a course for the Police, but doubt they will take it up. One such tip is to seat people on both sides of a suspected Psychopath, easy, but effective, as they lose the smiling expression immediately, and turn to ‘reset’. If you remove that, it leaves them in some confusion. Believe me, a lifetime of unwillingly being a student of Behavioural Sciences, there are many clues. I could hide before walk; a flick of the hair, a steely, laser-like stare would terrify me as a child. Even MIND is unable to help victims; I was advised to get a solicitor!

When I married and honeymooned in NZ, she had an affair with my husband. My father and I caught them, and she was hoping I would shout, scream, yell and cause a furore. I never mentioned it, came home and divorced. I never told my mother, ever. Dad and I just kept quiet for ‘peace’; that will bring anything but peace. Just another attempt to be, do, have my life, to destroy at will.

Short story, Mother dead within couple of hours of solicitor trying to get new Will signed, turning up at the house. I have the handwritten notes. The doctor refused me blood tests and post mortem. He was scared of her and under her control entirely. Her death was unexpected; we had plans for the following week. Even solicitor was planning a visit the following week, but the one who visited was keen to get it done and had arranged it with me, with neighbours at the ready as Witnesses, keen to help my lovely mum. It was not urgent and says a lot. I have the new Will and the notes for the instruction which proves her intention. Her mantra was ‘she will collect nothing’ and she kept repeating it. It was heart-breaking.

Within minutes of her death, the Psychopath was stretched out on the sofa on her mobile phone, saying ‘got the money’ and laughing. Her husband manifested out of nowhere to shut her up and bully solicitors and doctors. She forgot it was a bungalow and I was just yards away.

My mother died in fear, pain, anger and distress. This was amplified by the fact she knew my son and I would be next.

My attacker is the other side of the world, and this is the key part for anyone thinking distance is a saving grace.

I have been drugged twice, ignored. First time by own nephew (son of Psychopath) who told me he had drugged me to get truth about alleged abuse. My book was all over the internet and they thought maybe money. I had ignored (at my peril, being nice) the ban on the family and agreed to a reunion, with my son too. I was awoken by a maid in the hotel he had booked, at mid-day and he looked surprised to see me. I don’t think I was meant to wake up. He also has the genes, which also include sex/drug/alcohol addiction. That takes money.

His sister seems to be without the gene at this point; kind, loving, great mother, gentle. The psychopath put a wedge between them, lying to them both with separate stories. Ergo, she controls the entire family and their lives. I am sure she was in the hotel, but Police would not check her 4 passports.

My beloved home was attacked just after the false abuse allegations; basement door to garden axed off hinges and lying flat on lawnmower and the security door at top of stairs to living level also axed down. The front door lock was so old it was easy to break in and sash windows with no locks. Any 5-year-old could have got in in under 5 minutes. The Police urged me to move as alone with a child and clearly this was the work of a lunatic. I moved with a Police guard but those notes are missing!

She had always data-collected; had her crew imparting private information about me which then became a hit-list. I was sabotaged through landlords, local council, auctioneer stole my valuable 1750s American Chippendale-style desk, which came from the family of an American Civil War hero’s family directly into my father’s family. It was left to me in both parents’ Wills.

The book I had published was a non-fiction book about a missing ship, and based on the first-hand account by my father’s uncle. That was also stolen, on demand, and now she is claiming it is her book. My publisher dropped me thanks to the lies that I am a deviant; they went on to steal hundreds of copies of the book and are selling them online via agents, and could make between £90,00 and £1.2m. They also put the book out under several variations of my name, so I never get royalties. That is fraud, defamation, corruption, conspiracy plus many more crimes.

I had 2 storage units smashed up. She got in claiming to be me, no cctv and my life’s belongings taken; the second one was less, of course, and everything smashed up.

The social housing landlord admitted hacking my mobile, and indeed, all texts, contacts, etc. were lost. My laptop was hacked and I lost all AOL accounts, which lost me client details, testimonials, book on mind/body connection and so much more.

All attempts to resurrect, including being offered a Harley Street position, are sabotaged and it is impossible to recover and raise profile without risking other people.

The City Council created a £2,000 debt, which I produced receipts for; then it went to £4,000 and then to £6,000 and threat of prison. That has been dealt with but the stress involved is massive.

I went to my GP to log that I was in stress, and she falsely claimed it was my appendix surgery, which I have never had and on my demand for my notes, I was sent fake notes. I have the notes and letter of apology as proof. She also joined the social housing landlord in trying to get a ‘SUICIDE’ danger alert with mental team. I have never been depressed, and would never consider such a choice. It opened the door to an accident. I have letter from mental team confirming I am no danger to society or self.

The list goes on, but I have been threatened in public and a solicitor said he had £17,00+ of stocks of mine, stolen by a solicitor in the firm in 95 and he had died so they wanted to know what to do with them. They said I could not have the money and it was all entrapment and to distress. That violates Human Rights, several Articles, and they involved public (including an ex-landlord) in this farce, and this translates as false information from Psychopath being public gossip (slander/libel/disadvantage/malicious intent/fraud/conspiracy/corruption, etc., etc.) and leaves us vulnerable as it only takes one over-enthusiastic person to take matters into their own hands, for the safety of society.

We are the most benign, gentle, kind, empathetic, intelligent, people and our lives have already been taken in terms of quality. I am also a freelance, qualified, Coach and whilst drawn to Victim Coaching, do not yet consider myself a survivor; this is more a documentary of my demise.

The only thing I did right, on recently finding David Master’s site, is to document, document, document, driving the Police and everyone crazy as they find me now a figure of lunacy and also of comedy. Even the Court Staff when I was facing false debts from landlord, and fighting auctioneer, lost papers, altered Court Orders, withheld Witness Statements and openly laughed at my distress.

So, please be aware, if sudden debts appear or hacking etc. be sure to log it all and report it all, and KEEP IT ALL safely. Distance is no object to a Psychopath, and the Police actually are in the Cluster group, or, as I called it before finding this site, Vigilante Group.

I hold Police, the Psychopath’s Psychiatrist, landlord, auctioneer, solicitor, council and court staff, GP, all guilty should anything ever happen to my son and/or me. They have committed over 50 crimes which have gone un-investigated. It is a true horror story and it continues unabated with the corrupt solicitor trying to criminalise me. They are hiding their crimes behind me and now I step aside and let the light shine on them. The auctioneer was actually found ‘guilty’ in a Court for selling fake items, so crimes are a-plenty.

It is also interesting that the top careers for Psychopaths include medics (Psychopath and GP); Police; solicitor; sales (auctioneer); civil servants (Court staff, council staff, landlord staff). How well she picked her Cluster. Little do they know they are not thinking for themselves; their minds and actions belong to a Psychopath.